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MaxOptra can easily integrate with a range of different business systems to help streamline your company processes.

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Integrating MaxOptra into your business ecosystem can help to streamline business processes and improve results. Data can be shared with our system via a .csv upload or through our Open API.

MaxOptra’s open API makes it an ideal complement to any telematics, ePOD, SOP, ERP, WMS and CRM solution. Generally provided as a subscription-based SaaS solution, MaxOptra is accessible 24/7 from any web browser worldwide and is ideal for fleets of any size.

CRM & ERP Integrations
With a fast-growing customer base, all of whom need to import orders and export routes, we are continually broadening our library of completed integrations. This includes:
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Telematics integrations
MaxOptra can easily gather real time data from a range of telematics systems and we have strategically partnered with global telematics leaders. To date, these include:
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Our success stories

Arthur David

Integration: Webfleet Solutions

Since implementing MaxOptra, integrated with in-cab telematics from TomTom, Arthur David has seen a dramatic reduction in the time and resources taken to deal with customer queries.

Cherwell Packaging

Integration: Merlin ERP; Webfleet Solutions

Fully integrated with Cherwell's existing management systems, including ERP (enterprise resource planning) software from Merlin and TomTom vehicle tracking, MaxOptra is helping reduce Cherwell Packaging's 'Cost to Serve'. Savings have been realised in the time taken to schedule complex routes, as well as the mileage and man-hours required to complete deliveries.

Flannagan Flooring

Integration: Sales order processing

Since implementing MaxOptra Flanagan Flooring has regained visibility of its delivery operation. Integrated with the back-office sales system MaxOptra uses advanced algorithms to produce efficient delivery schedules based on specific customer requirements.

Industrial Metal Services

Integration: Webfleet Solutions

Since implementing the MaxOptra solution, IMS has reduced its on road costs by around £250,000 per annum - achieved through fewer miles, reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity by around 20 percent. Automatically produced ETA texts inform customers when their delivery is imminent, resulting in fewer failed deliveries and less on-site time for drivers.

JCB Greenshield

Integration: Mainframe system; GPS tracking units

Since implementing MaxOptra's field service management software, Greenshields JCB has reported positive improvements in the daily planning of its reactive service requests.

JG Pest Control

Integration: CRM system

Integrated with the company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, MaxOptra is used to manage JG Pest Control's entire road-based operation. While a proportion of each day's schedule is pre-planned the majority of jobs are emergency call outs resulting in constant changes including last minute adjustments, cancellations and new business.

Nature's Menu

Integration: ERP system

Natures Menu has been using the MaxOptra cloud-based delivery routing and scheduling solution for more than five years, during which time the company has grown exponentially. MaxOptra allows for easy customisation of routes to incorporate local knowledge or specific delivery requests, and the approved schedule is then communicated directly to the drivers' in-cab navigation devices and also back to the central Enterprise system.


Integration: Web ordering system; Sage ERP

A cloud-based solution with an open API, MaxOptra integrates directly and easily with our existing systems, giving us seamless and real-time data transfer and end-to-end visibility from point of order to delivery." Lee Ann Mounter, Director of Special Projects at Origin Global.

Robins & Day

Integration: Back office systems; Ctrack vehicle tracking

Using MaxOptra, integrated with back office systems and Ctrack vehicle tracking, Robins & Day has optimised delivery routes achieving cost savings, improved customer service with automated Proof of Delivery signature capture and modernised its workflows.


Integration: Webfleet Solutions

Snap-on has transformed its field maintenance service with MaxOptra real-time scheduling and routing software. Integrated with provided by Fleetsense, MaxOptra provides Snap-on Diagnostics & Equipment, a division of the company that revolutionised the tool industry nearly 100 years ago, with an end-to-end service management solution.


Integration: Webfleet Solutions

MaxOptra is deployed at each of Sofology's regional depots and is used to schedule and route all deliveries. Seamlessly integrated with Webfleet Solutions, specific jobs or routes can be automatically allocated and dispatched to drivers according to a range of operational requirements.


Integration: Inhouse management systems; third party proof of delivery

WorldStores is using MaxOptra to optimise its nationwide home delivery service. The UK's largest Internet retailer of products for the home and garden, the company is servicing a growing online customer base, with a predicted 45 million visitors to its website this year. Since implementing MaxOptra WorldStores has achieved a reduction in operating costs, improved operational efficiency and boosted its customer service.

About Our Open API

MaxOptra has a two-way, openly published REST API which provides access to resources (data entities) via URL paths. To use REST API, your application will make an HTTP-request and pass the response. MaxOptra REST API uses XML as its communication format, and the standard HTTP-methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.

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Transfer data easily

Our Open API makes the automatic transfer of data between business systems very easy to set up and manage.

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Speed up your business processes

Using our API takes away the headache of manual data file imports, speeds up processing time, and means you get great results, fast.

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We're here to help

Our experienced implementation team have completed hundreds of API integrations, so getting you up and running is as straight forward as possible.

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