Route optimisation software

In an increasingly customer-centric world, distributors cannot ignore customers' demands by simply re-running the same routes each day. Instead, they can embrace route optimisation to offer flexible, tailored routes that work for the end consumer.

MaxOptra Route Optimisation

MaxOptra delivery route planning software plans routes daily, weekly, monthly, or however frequently you require your dynamic schedule. Our algorithms produce efficient and reliable routes, fast. We take into account traffic conditions and known roadworks, as well as vehicle capacities, live order volumes and delivery time windows.

All of this supports you in avoiding any potential inefficiencies of fixed routes, reduces excess mileage, keeps your customers happy and, as a result, cuts operational costs by up to 20% via our multi drop route planner.

Route optimisation

  • MaxOptra route optimisation software generates the most efficient route sequences, taking into account time windows, vehicle types and load capacity
  • You can dramatically improve the overall effectiveness of your fleet utilisation, whilst also reducing those all-important costs
  • Plus, reduce your daily mileage by an impressive 20% via our routing optimisation software
Person using MaxOptra route optimisation on their mobile device
"The system is so adaptable! If there is some additional information or functionality we'd like, we just call up MaxOptra, and we have it within 20 minutes."
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Mark Heywood
Transport Manager at Delifresh
MaxOptra really made us challenge what the best routes are. We previously relied on our Transport Manager's local knowledge of London - dividing routes by postcodes. MaxOptra looks at routing completely differently, focusing on the addresses closest to each other for the fastest route, and taking us out of a postcode mindset."
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Duncan Sambrook
Sambrook's Brewery
  • Save precious time and resource by organising your routes quickly and easily
  • Optimise your stop sequences for your multi drop routes
  • We provide reassurance by giving you visibility and control of your drop points and order volumes
  • Get the most out of picking, loading, and driving time with highly efficient planning
  • Ensure your drivers stick to customer time windows
  • Delivery route plans can be imported into MaxOptra and clearly displayed on our interactive map screen
  • Run automated delivery route plans – taking into account business and customer constraints
  • Or, manually plan your delivery route using our route optimisation app
  • Group orders automatically using a system configurable mile radius with Order Grouping
  • MaxOptra will automatically calculate route costs, mileage incurred; cutting costs & reducing mileage
Delievery driver using MaxOptra mobile app on their mobile device
  • As new customers are added, or old customers are manually removed over time, route quality can degrade
  • Use MaxOptra at regular intervals – weekly, monthly etc – to ensure you are running the right routes with the best resource configuration
  • See the impact of mileage, driving time and cost changes quickly and easily
  • MaxOptra allows you to ‘fix’ particular customer delivery days/times in your schedule
  • Easily build both small and large territories

Since implementing MaxOptra, we have been further impressed. Not only does it do what we were promised it would – and more – but the support has been exemplary; approachable, knowledgeable and timely!

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Andy Turner
National Installer Support Manager at Sharps Bedrooms

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