Route planner for deliveries and distribution

MaxOptra's route planner for deliveries and distribution produces real results for both our users and their end-customers.

The integrated MaxOptra solution we now have provides a great customer information point, updating customers via text and email automatically, which in itself allows the drivers to operate more efficiently. The MaxOptra website widget also means customers can self-service, accessing live order updates at any time.

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Plan delivery routes on the map

  • Delivery route plans can be imported into MaxOptra and clearly displayed on our interactive map screen
  • Run automated route plans for your deliveries; creating delivery routes that take account of business and customer constraints
  • Alternatively, you can manually plan your delivery route using our drag and drop delivery route planner app
  • MaxOptra will automatically calculate route costs, mileage incurred; cutting costs & reducing mileage

Allocate the most efficient resource

  • Clear visibility of your delivers on a map helps you assess and plan your routes
  • MaxOptra allows you to create delivery plans that meet your vehicle constraints
  • We automatically suggest the best delivery vehicle and build an optimised delivery route to meet you requirements
  • MaxOptra is particularly effective for those delivery route planners managing a last mile delivery operation

Try our delivery route planning software

  • Mobile employees can constantly keep in touch with the transport office through our delivery route planner app
  • Utilise KPI reporting and analysis
  • Capture proof of delivery information once a delivery or job has been completed
  • Capture signatures, photographs and customer comments for added delivery feedback
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Monitor drivers with our software

  • With our route planning for delivery vehicles you get real time visibility of your delivery routes once your vehicles and drivers have left the depot
  • Any delivery delays, missed calls, or route irregularities can be highlighted in real time
  • Deal with delivery route changes by notifying customers and rescheduling their delivery for another time
  • Keep your customers reassured and happy with efficient, well planned and effectively optimised delivery route plans

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