MaxOptra Vehicle Routing Software

MaxOptra's cloud-based route scheduling software delivers results.

The integrated MaxOptra solution we now have provides a great customer information point, updating customers via text and email automatically, which in itself allows the drivers to operate more efficiently. The MaxOptra website widget also means customers can self-service, accessing live order updates at any time.

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Plan delivery routes and schedules

  • MaxOptra routing system optimises your daily operations by dynamically routing and scheduling deliveries, resources and loads
  • Offer your customers correct order estimations that arrive on time
  • Accurate delivery despite last minute changes, heavy traffic or unforeseen circumstances
  • Perfect for larger operations, or small fleet route optimisation
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Save hours behind the wheel

  • Beat the rush by strategically planning your orders and reviewing your fixed routes
  • Add new deliveries or collections into your fixed route schedule quickly and easily
  • Sales territory optimisation is also available as part of the MaxOptra solution

Link route planning & vehicle tracking

  • Our versatile routing software can easily link with your in-vehicle tracking units
  • Benefit from planned versus actual performance monitoring and reporting
  • All of this is part of MaxOptra’s standard software offering so there are no hidden extra costs
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ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) prediction

  • Our route planning for delivery vehicles automatically calculates ETAs for your routes and schedules based on a variety of factors
  • View real time visibility of where your drivers with our route mapping software
  • Automatically send out customer notifications via SMS and email

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