B2B to B2C

Many traditionally B2B businesses are refocusing or expanding their business; pivoting from B2B to B2C. MaxOptra can support businesses during this period; making the transition not only achievable, but a success.

Our Benefits

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Optimise routes in seconds

Our plans automatically take into account multiple factors to ensure your routes are optimised and realistic

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Re-engage with B2B customers

Offer your products and services to businesses who were previously customers, on a B2C basis

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Engage with a new audience

Businesses who previously had a B2B model are now able to engage with individual, B2C customers

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Explore new business opportunities

Now your B2C operations are up and running, you can continue to offer both B2B and B2C services in the future

What you'll be able to do

Dynamic routes

For businesses using route optimisation, the most pressing change they face is moving from fixed routes to dynamic routes.

MaxOptra plans routes daily, weekly, monthly, or however frequently you require your dynamic schedule. Our algorithms produce efficient and reliable routes, fast. We take into account traffic conditions and known roadworks, as well as vehicle capacities, live order volumes and delivery time windows.

All of this supports you in avoiding any potential inefficiencies of fixed routes, reduces excess mileage, keeps your customers happy and, as a result, cuts operational costs by up to 20%!

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Person using MaxOptra route optimisation on their mobile device

New customer locations

Another key consideration is the addition of new customer locations. These could bring new territories for drivers, which are outisde of their normal routes.

MaxOptra automatically produces a multi-point schedule with routes optimised by time and distance, as well as rescheduling orders quickly and easily.

The system will distribute all orders equally, no matter how many deliveries, collections or destinations are needed. It even finds the best driver to meet your customers’ specific time windows; keeping the customer happy

Increase customer service

Proactively send out advanced email and SMS ETA notifications to regularly keep your customers informed. Customers can also keep themselves updated via your own Website Widget.

For added peace of mind for both you and your customer, our ePod app allows drivers to log proof of delivery signatures and photos and comments

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Operations Director at Arthur David

The MaxOptra iOS and Android app allows you to run a paperless operation whilst automatically pushing jobs to your drivers.Track delivery and driver progress, whilst dealing with any issues and amends in real time.

For added peace of mind, our ePod app allows drivers to log proof of delivery signatures, photos and comments

Our clients love us

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"The system is so adaptable! If there is some additional information or functionality we'd like, we just call up MaxOptra, and we have it within 20 minutes."
Mark Heywood
Transport Manager at Delifresh
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"Whilst I was out with the driver and realising the capability of the MaxOptra system, I thought 'wow!"
Business Development Manager at Bobtail Fruit
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"The drivers' manifest feature is an excellent addition and is saving considerable time communicating with drivers about their routes. Looking ahead, we expect MaxOptra will help us to realise further savings and efficiencies while reducing the environmental impact of our mobile operation."
Kai Westmore
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"While the improvements for our drivers, transport planners and customer care staff have had a massive impact on our business, the best results have been evidenced by our customers."
Daren Hill
Operations Director at Arthur David

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