Reporting & Data Analysis

Knowledge is at your fingertips with MaxOptra's reporting, real time tracking, and data analysis tools

KPI reporting and data analysis

Great software needs great reporting and MaxOptra is no exception. As well as enabling you to plan, track and execute your delivery or service operation, our versatile functionality aids easy performance reporting.

Standard reporting

  • All our customers have access to a set of standard reports
  • Find out about:
    • On time deliveries and completed jobs
    • Failed orders
    • Time, distance, and cost performance
    • Driver shift utilisation, and much more!
  • All standard reports are available to our entire user community
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Real time tracking

  • Monitor specified metric performance in real time
  • Instantly review:
    • Under & over loaded vehicles
    • Working time utilisation and breaks
    • Stops per route
    • Delivery cost per vehicle
    • Mileage & driving time
  • All KPIs are automatically updated with every schedule change

Strategic planning and modelling

  • For users that need a bespoke report our team are here to help
  • Look at a range of ‘what if’ scenarios for your business
  • Review your DC location & customer allocation
  • Model different fleet configurations
  • SQL and Power BI dashboards

Since implementing MaxOptra, we have been further impressed. Not only does it do what we were promised it would – and more – but the support has been exemplary; approachable, knowledgeable and timely!

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Andy Turner
National Installer Support Manager at Sharps Bedrooms

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