Distribution Route Planning

MaxOptra is helping distribution fleet management teams to streamline their operations, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction scores every day.

Our Benefits

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Automatically optimise your routes, in seconds
Use MaxOptra to automatically produce routes that factor in time, vehicle and customer constraints. Build realistic, achievable and efficient plans quickly.
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Manage last minute orders and changes
Routes can be amended right up to vehicles leaving the depot. Once out on the road the route sequence can be adjusted, and communicated to the driver, in real time for the best result
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Improve your fleet utilisation & increase profits
MaxOptra will enable you to use your fleet to it's full potential. Increase your drops per route, maximise driving time and minimise empty running and watch your profits soar.
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Improve the customer experience & reduce churn
Our customer ETA notification and ePOD tools mean customers get their delivery on time every time. Keep everyone up to date with real time progress right up until the time of delivery.

What you'll be able to do

Enhance your fixed routes

If you are running a fixed route network MaxOptra can help with improved efficiency. We know that fixed routes can degrade over time; use our software to ensure you are getting the most out of your fixed route network, managing priority customers and route changes. Our simple drag and drop functionality enables users to play around with different route scenarios, and see the immediate impact on time, money and miles.

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Run optimised, dynamic routes

Use MaxOptra for daily dynamic planning. In a matter of seconds produce multi drop routes that automatically factor in delivery times, customer preferences, route restrictions and driving time. Uses can also take account of traffic information, as well vehicle height/weight/width restrictions for a more polished route result. Be confident that your routes are both efficient, reliable and achievable.


Integrate business systems

Our open API means MaxOptra can easily integrate into your existing business ecosystem is one word. We have established links with a wide range of CRM, ERP, SOP, WMS and telematics system providers. Our open API, and experienced development team, means that even if we don’t have an existing integration, we know how to get it sorted quickly.

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Track performance in real time

If you are running a distribution fleet, it’s important to know what’s going on once your vehicles have left the depot. You can either link MaxOptra to your current in vehicle telematics, or use our Driver App, to monitor what’s going on in real time. This on the day visibility enables our clients to proactively deal with any delays or issues as soon as they occur. At the end of the day this valuable data aids driver debriefing, route refinement and management KPI reporting.


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