Route Optimisation Software

MaxOptra is helping distribution fleet management teams to streamline their operations, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction scores every day.

Route Optimization Software

At Maxoptra we know how difficult it is for companies to optimize their routes. Every day we are talking to fleet managers who are reliant on old technology, or paper-based methods, for fleet route optimization. Here at Maxoptra, we take the headache out of truck route optimization by giving users an intuitive, intelligent cloud-based tool that enables them to plan routes quickly, delivering optimized results that bring benefits to drivers, transport teams and customers.

Step 1 - Import your routes

You can use Maxoptra to manually plan, and then optimize your routes. However the BIG benefits come from using our automated delivery route optimization software. Get your .csv file and upload it into the system, or better still, take advantage of our Open API to integrate our fleet management route optimization system into the heart of your operation. You can then import all your route information into Maxoptra with one click.

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Step 2 - Optimise your routes

Once your route information is in the system click our ‘optimise’ button and a set of routes will be planned in a matter of seconds. All Maxoptra users have access to our team of best route optimisation software consultants who work with our customers to ensure our system is calibrated to ensure that routes can be optimised quickly and easily. The system automatically considers driver and vehicle availability, customer time windows and restrictions, historical traffic data and delivery prioritisation during the route optimisation process. You can be confident that the routing result is efficient, reliable, and achievable.


Step 3 - Manipulate your routes

Our simple, drag and drop, technology allows you to move orders around or restructure routes, thereby utilising the ‘on the ground’ experience of your transportation teams. Changes to cost, distance, time, or any operational violations will instantly be highlighted. This gives you the opportunity to make clear decisions based on your route optimisation parameters.

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Step 4 - Send routes & notify customers

If you have in-vehicle telematics, or simply want to use our intuitive driver app, you can now, once your routes have been optimized, push the plan out to your drivers. This operational phase allows you to track performance in real time. A big benefit for many of our clients is the customer service element that it brings to an operation. Notify your clients if there is a problem, or proactively update them using our automated text and email functionality. You know when items will be delivered when, and so do your customers. Such joined up route optimization software can help to improve customer relations, increase profits and reduce churn within your operation.

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