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The European Court of Justice has ruled that, for workers without a fixed office, time spent travelling to and from their first and last appointments count towards the EU Working Time Directive of 48 hours per week, a decision that many leading experts fear will drive up costs for businesses.

Most road accidents are typically related to bad driving behaviour. But what is not so obvious is, who are most likely to be involved? Research undertaken by Brake, the road safety charity reveals that 20 people are killed every week while driving for work in the UK. That is almost one in three (31%) of fatal crashes and one in four (26%) of serious injury crashes – typically involving field service and mobile workers, most of whom are home-based.

People often talk about those rare individuals who have the capability to effectively turn their hand to almost anything and succeed – to be a ‘jack of all trades’. But can such a multi-skilled person really exist and are such individuals really an asset in a growing business or a liability?

Magenta Technology’s latest update of the Maxoptra dynamic scheduling and route optimisation software platform solution for Distribution focuses on making it as simple as possible to use.

According to Statisticbrain the total consumer spending on costumes, treats and festivities will reach $7,950 million in America this year. And WalesOnline claims that Halloween is now the UK’s third highest spending festival (£300m) placed behind only Christmas and Easter.

You know, the questions that got progressively harder to the point where rapidly diminishing time, building pressure and brain melt-down clouded your thinking to the point where you just wanted it ALL to end?

As overheard, muttered by a not very cheery fellow wearing a red coat and sporting a white beard in Heston Services …….routing & scheduling software,

A recent study has identified that the UK has the third highest dissatisfaction rate with online shopping due to inflexibilities in choosing convenient delivery dates and time. Of those surveyed, nearly half said they preferred next day delivery to any other option.