Don’t wait until you have time to “get around to it”. Will it ever happen?

Don’t wait until you have time to “get around to it”. Will it ever happen?

I remember one Christmas morning and my Dad opening up a present given to him by my Mum. After removing the wrapping he held up an unusual looking circular object proudly bearing the words “A round tuit” at the bottom. When I asked my Mum what it was for she simply smiled and answered that it was a tool for my Dad to complete all those jobs around the house that he had left until “he got around to it”.

Dad got the message.

And so it is with us sometimes in business. We know there are important jobs to do but with the urgent day-to-day tasks we can sometimes lose sight of the jobs that are pending – those that we leave until one day our diaries will miraculously clear and we can “get around to it”. The issue as we all know and understand is that that day never arrives and we are constantly busy, often running to stand still. Those tasks that we know we really ought to do, that nag at us at the back of our mind to do and we know when we do them it will make life easier, we still put off as we deal with the urgent every day matters that consume our time.

I have had many discussions with operators of small to medium sized fleets who have had similar issues. They know that there are systems such as Maxoptra that will enable them to plan their daily schedules more effectively and deliver cost savings to their business. Often they are running inefficient, paper-based systems that give little visibility of what is happening in real time. But their daily tasks give them little time to consider other alternative options or they feel that the uncertainty of changing from one (albeit inefficient) system to another to be too painful for the business to consider.

Maxoptra is a multi-business route planning and dynamic scheduling platform that is easy to use and it is designed to deliver fast decisions in real-time within ever-changing operational business environments. It will allow you to plan the most efficient routes and decrease fuel consumption, delivering bottom line results. Each driver receives new orders immediately so they can respond quickly to changes, leading to an improved, more efficient and flexible customer service.

So don’t wait for the magic device – the ‘round tuit’ – to appear. Make sure you get around to the important things for your business straight away.

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