Customer Experience Is The New Black!

Customer Experience Is The New Black!

Last month, I was contemplating the research from the European Field Services conference 2013 as I prepared for my visit to the 2014 conference (on which there is much to comment on from the 2014 conference in terms of content and atmosphere but more of that in a future blog!). However, I feel it is important to mention in the recent research from Gartner, “Gartner Surveys Confirm Customer Experience Is the New Battlefield”, in which Jake Sorofman comments on Laura McLellan’s research into marketing spend.

The conclusion of the research is that leading companies will be those focusing on the customer experience – in short, delivering what the customer wants, when they need it.

In our industry, that is all about being able to promise a delivery or a pick-up in a short window of time and if that’s not going to change, then it’s the ability to communicate in real time with the client and explain the situation so they can adjust accordingly. Those are the exact core benefits that systems such as dynamic scheduling can deliver, but there are a lot of open promises out in the market place.

What is Dynamic scheduling, how does it differ and what makes a good system better than another one?

Well, we’ve taken this challenge on, to outline the top “must have” features of such a system, and created a quick read guide to help you understand these key components. Have a read, and let me know what you think.

Perhaps you have some features you feel are more important, or perhaps you think there are critical factors – I would really like to hear from you, let me know your findings.

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