The Rise of the Machines

The Rise of the Machines

We have all seen at least one Terminator movie and heard the prediction of eminent scientists that artificial intelligence poses the greatest known threat to mankind.

The fact is that for many years other scientists have been doing their very best to endow artificial intelligence with all the attributes of the human brain. The thought of some unemotional, calculating intelligence analyzing disparate information sources and making definitive decisions in milliseconds outside of our control, is a little unnerving. Or is that just the influence of “Hollywood” science fiction and an irrational fear of machines taking over? The reality I suppose depends upon how you perceive it.

In contrast, consider the pressures dispatchers face every day within fleet-based organisations where customer demands and expectations continue to rise. No matter how intelligent and experienced your staff are, human operators often simply can’t cope with the information overload, the escalating complexities and stress involved – and mistakes or sub optimal decisions are made.

It all boils down to the enormous challenge of trying to make the best decisions in real time.

This is where Maxoptra’s “machine” transforms the situation. Our powerful multi-agent dynamic scheduling engine is designed to enable fast and efficient decision-making within ever-changing operational environments:

  • monitoring all the jobs and all the variables in the present moment
      continually assesses the available options, making 10,000 calculations a second to find the best one
  • automatically providing alerts if any part of the schedule needs attention
  • updating the schedule and advising customers of new ETA’s as applicable
  • optimising routes to avoid delay, reduce time and mileage
  • enabling you to do more jobs more profitably with the same personnel.

The reality is that it is impossible to replace a human who has the emotional intelligence, the vital customer relationship and the in-depth understanding of those customer’s particular needs and personalities. As such it’s the human who is best qualified to make the final decision. What ‘machines’ like Maxoptra do is help them make those decisions by providing them with one that is calculated.

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