The “Ideal Plan”

The “Ideal Plan”

The “Ideal Plan” should be viewed as a masterpiece of excellence and perfection. After all, it is ideal.

Designed with care, based upon knowledge of all the facts, specialist expertise and the benefit of past experience, the “Ideal Plan” is intended to deliver the agreed objectives, precisely to a set timetable.

The problem is, how can it survive intact in today’s demanding world for even 30 minutes within environments where plans have to be continually revised, amended, altered, added to, tweaked and modified?!!

Confronted with that modern reality the “Ideal Plan” is quickly made redundant. Or is it?

Consider the typical day of any dispatcher managing a fleet of vehicles and personnel where unforeseen events force ongoing revision to routes, ETA’s and therefore planned schedules. Decisions have to be made quickly under pressure to maintain ANY plan at all, let alone one regarded as “Ideal”.

However, despite all the market challenges, there is still a way to create and preserve “The Ideal” plan, quickly and easily – with Maxoptra.

Maxoptra is a dynamic scheduling and route optimisation software platform designed to enable fast and efficient decision-making, in real-time, within ever-changing operational environments – the perfect solution for any busy dispatcher.

With Maxoptra you create the “Ideal Plan” first thing in the morning and then, despite every disruption, continually maintain it with ease throughout the day, because it:

  • Keeps Customers informed: Once the day’s route is planned, each customer receives an ETA notification. If a driver’s delivery sequence is disrupted, the system automatically keeps the customers notified.
  • Manages driving times: Given the potential for traffic delays, the system continually monitors and compares actual driving times against those scheduled, to identify any deviation and re-calculate arrival times for all orders, as necessary.
  • Monitors Job Status: Driver delays in traffic or at customer premises are automatically monitored by the system so an accurate delivery status is always available in real time to update job sequences and ETA’s.
  • Manages Job Duration: When disruptions to planned schedules occur then every sequential job ETA is automatically re-calculated by the system to check that the previously estimated time windows can still be met.
  • Enables Clear Communication: For updates or qualification of any situation Maxoptra’s mobile app allows drivers to send reports quickly to the dispatcher.

Maxoptra’s Ideal Plan can be maintained to efficiently orchestrate even the most complex operational demands in real-time. The value to any business working within such dynamic environments is an immediate and significant improvement in the productivity of staff, lower operational costs, improved customer satisfaction, happier staff – and greater profitability.

Order Maxoptra free trial now and enjoy all the benefits. Contact us and we will show you how Maxoptra can help.

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