Advanced Route Planning Software

Reduce your day-to-day operating costs by IMPLEMENTING OUR ROUTE PLANNER SOFTWARE.

Delivery Route Planner

delivery route

allows you to plan optimised routes in a few simple clicks. Maxoptra can schedule last minute orders and return loads even when runs have already started. This driver route planner improves fleet utilisation, cuts costs and makes life easier for you and your transport team.

Drag & Drop Manual Planning


helps you build ideal and efficient sequences featuring multiple stops on your PC or laptop screen. Maxoptra scheduling delivery route optimisation software gives you suggestions, calculates driving durations and waiting times as you go.

Vehicle Tracking

tracking vehicle

makes it possible to see current locations of your vehicles on the maps. You can get tracking data both from Android and GPS devices. Maxoptra truck route software is a premier partner of TomTom telematics as well as other tracking leaders such as Teletrac Navman and Quartix.

Comprehensive Integration Functionality

erp integration

including HTTP-API, import-export facilities and real-time data exchange on the database level, so that orders are easily imported from systems and portals. Address routes, orders status and ETAs are then uploaded back to the your central systems at the end of the day.

Maxoptra’s planning software, and route planning app, were specifically designed to allow distribution companies to drive operational efficiencies, allow rapid reaction to any changes in real-time and improve customer service. The map route planner with multiple stop technology is very flexible and can deliver demonstrable value to businesses of varying types and sizes.

For companies with their own fleets, Maxoptra Vehicle Scheduling Software

  • increases efficiency through more efficient route optimisation
  • cuts costs (via less wasted mileage and fuel, less working time, etc.)
  • reduces planning time
  • offers advanced delivery scheduling software
  • identifies and eliminates delivery network bottlenecks
  • provides competitive advantages via dynamic multi-drop route planner multiple stops

For 3rd party fleet companies, Maxoptra

  • reduces planning time
  • minimises the number of the 3rd party vehicles required through smarter planning
  • provides mileage and ETA to support negotiation with 3rd party fleet providers
  • qualifies the best 3rd party payment model: by trip/by time, etc.

For companies operating both own and 3rd party fleets, Maxoptra

  • increases cost efficiencies by up to 15%
  • can assign the most profitable/first-priority orders to your own fleet vehicles and allow you to outsource the rest
  • provides mileage and delivery times to support negotiation with 3rd party fleet providers

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