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With the help of MaxOptra, Delifresh increased deliveries by 33% and can now support NHS workers at Nightingale Hospital

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With the help of MaxOptra, Delifresh have been able to change their business model, making a B2C pivot and increasing their deliveries by 33% whilst now having capacity to support NHS workers at Nightingale Hospital.
The History of Delifresh

Established in 2002, Delifresh has traditionally provided businesses with the finest and freshest ingredients, sourced from their family of producers.

They offer a huge variety of produce, such as fresh fruit and veg, dairy, meats and even juices.

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Previously, Delifresh’s customer base were mainly restaurants, operating on a fixed route basis. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of their loyal customers were having to close their businesses, leaving Delifresh in a challenging situation.

Delifresh pride themselves on innovation, and so adapted to this situation; pivoting from B2B to B2C.

However, they quickly realised that this was a significant challenge. Fixed routes were no longer applicable and planning hours suddenly increased. This meant that Delifresh were planning until midnight, and then having to load vans at 6am the next morning.

Despite receiving thousands of orders from new customers, Delifresh were having to limit the amount of orders they could fulfill due to this unmanageable workload.


Delifresh had previously spoken to MaxOptra, and had also heard great things from other customers in the same industry. When they began facing significant challenges, they didn’t hesitate to get in touch.

MaxOptra were able to get Delifresh up and running with a free trial within an hour, and fully implemented in only 12 hours; enabling Delifresh to adapt to their new B2C strategy almost immediately.

With the help of MaxOptra, Delifresh were suddenly able to plan 700 orders a minute – freeing up considerable time.

Delifresh quickly saw results, with deliveries they could fulfill increasing by 33% – from 560 restaurant deliveries on fixed routes, to 750 home deliveries with no fixed route.

This additional capacity meant that Delifresh were also able to support the community during this difficult time; delivering food parcels to NHS key workers at a variety of locations, including Nightingale Hospital.

They now even have a dedicated website, MyDelifresh, to support individual customers with food and ingredient deliveries during this challenging time. They have promoted themselves on social media, and are now able to take on thousands of orders from customers who need food deliveries during this challenging time.

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The Future for Delifresh

Delifresh have had such success with the MaxOptra platform, alongside MaxOptra support and consultancy, that they are now upgrading to the mobile app to offer proof of delivery and customer notifications.

Not only will this be highly beneficial for their customers, but it also streamlines Delifresh’s customer support process and offers peace of mind for their drivers.

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"The system is so adaptable! If there is some additional information or functionality we'd like, we just call up MaxOptra, and we have it within 20 minutes."

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