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Distributors today cannot ignore customers’ demands and simply rerun the same fixed routes each day if they want to compete in an increasingly customer-centric world. They need their routes to be flexible in order to meet changing customer requirements. Our dynamic delivery routing software plans routes daily, weekly, monthly, or however frequently you require, taking into account not only traffic conditions and known roadworks, but also vehicle capacities, live order volumes and delivery time windows. This helps avoid the inefficiencies of fixed routes, reduces excess mileage and as a result can cut operational costs by up to 20%.

Real Time Scheduling

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When there are narrow time windows and substantial penalties for late deliveries, companies need to respond quickly to real-time events such as traffic delays or breakdowns. Maxoptra reacts immediately to any change and can, through dynamic scheduling, include last minute orders and any return loads before a vehicle's route is completed.

A Powerful Route Optimizer

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Maxoptra improves the effectiveness of your fleet utilisation and reduces costs. Our delivery route optimisation software quickly creates the most efficient sequences, taking into account time windows, vehicle types and load capacity. Based on experience we know that Maxoptra can reduce daily mileage by 10-20%.

Even Greater Software Usability

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All orders are shown clearly on the map. Ideal routes can then be built automatically through "drag-&-drop", the simple process of dragging selected orders to a vehicle.

Driver’s mobile application and in-cab navigation

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Drivers can constantly keep in touch with the dispatch office through a mobile app, reporting job status in real time to the controller and receiving new orders during the day. Real-time positioning information via GPS is constantly reported to the dispatch office and integration with TomTom navigation guides vehicles through traffic faster. All this helps the scheduling team to make efficient allocation decisions faster.

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