Route Optimisation Software for Wholesale


Dynamic Routing Software

Distributors today cannot ignore customers’ demands and simply rerun the same fixed routes each day if they want to compete in an increasingly customer-centric world. They need their routes to be flexible in order to meet changing customer requirements. Our dynamic delivery routing software plans routes daily, weekly, monthly, or however frequently you require, taking into account not only traffic conditions and known roadworks, but also vehicle capacities, live order volumes and delivery time windows. This helps avoid the inefficiencies of fixed routes, reduces excess mileage and as a result can cut operational costs by up to 20%.

Real Time Scheduling

When there are narrow time windows and substantial penalties for late deliveries, companies need to respond quickly to real-time events such as traffic delays or breakdowns. Maxoptra reacts immediately to any change and can, through dynamic scheduling, include last minute orders and any return loads before a vehicle's route is completed.

A Powerful Route Optimiser

Maxoptra improves the effectiveness of your fleet utilisation and reduces costs. Our delivery route optimisation software quickly creates the most efficient sequences, taking into account time windows, vehicle types and load capacity. Based on experience we know that Maxoptra can reduce daily mileage by 10-20%.

Even Greater Software Usability

All orders are shown clearly on the map. Ideal routes can then be built automatically through "drag-&-drop", the simple process of dragging selected orders to a vehicle.

Driver’s mobile application and in-cab navigation

Drivers can constantly keep in touch with the dispatch office through a mobile app, reporting job status in real time to the controller and receiving new orders during the day. Real-time positioning information via GPS is constantly reported to the dispatch office and integration with TomTom navigation guides vehicles through traffic faster. All this helps the scheduling team to make efficient allocation decisions faster.
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"Customer service is our key business priority and Magenta worked with us to understand what we do. This resulted in a solution that worked for our business and ensured continuous improvement in our levels of service. Magenta’s innovative dynamic scheduling capability was able to provide a solution where legacy distribution planning systems had failed."
— Mitch Teitsworth, IT and Technology Manager of Flowervision
  1. Delivery orders are exported from the company’s database automatically
  2. The routes are produced by Maxoptra based upon customers’ time window preferences, vehicle types, equipment requirements and are shown on the map. They are reviewed by the transport planner and sent to the driver’s navigation device or smartphone.
  3. Drivers can continually update orders status and report on job status while en route.
  4. Getting vehicle locations from tracking devices or smartphones.
  5. Customers are constantly informed about estimated time of arrival (ETA) through SMS, email or via our facebook bot.6. Driving manifests are sent to the distribution company’s system for further invoicing and reporting.

Maxoptra’s delivery route planner

was specifically designed to enable wholesale distribution companies to drive operational efficiencies, allow rapid reaction to any changes in real time and improve customer service, thereby:
  • Reducing operating costs by up to 10% to create new pricing competitiveness
  • Meeting customer expectations in terms of real time delivery and collection notification, leading to increased satisfaction and business growth
  • Generating new opportunities and repeat business with existing customers
  • Increasing loyalty and retaining existing customers
  • Winning new customers

Improved customer service

Integrated with TomTom Telematics, Teletrac Navman and other leading tracking systems, Maxoptra’s route mapping software constantly updates the delivery status of each order, the vehicle position and calculates the estimated time of arrival. Transport planners and users thereby have better visibility into where product is in the staging and loading areas.

Better delivery routes faster

With Maxoptra’s

truck route planning software

you need only few minutes to work out the route. It means you can go on receiving orders far longer, thereby postponing the cut off time.

Higher driving discipline

"Real-time plan-fact" analysis allows you to note late arrivals and changed delivery sequences that can impact significantly upon customer satisfaction. Having full visibility of what is happening means you can manage customer expectations and understand if any improved driving discipline is required.

Decreasing costs

Maxoptra’s route optimisation

always focuses on decreasing costs. It doesn’t matter how many deliveries each area has, the smart

truck routing software

distributes all orders among drivers equally and routes are sequenced to match customers’ time windows. During the day with every new order, the routing software will constantly update the schedule to adjust delivery sequences, weights and vehicle requirements.
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Using Magenta’s scheduling solution we are bringing our customers even better levels of service and efficiency. The dynamics of our business environment result in very complex scheduling requirements and Magenta was the only company we found in the market place that could "solve the unsolvable"
— Mike Flynn, Business Solutions Director for Gist

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