All drop points and order volumes are known in advance, which gives transport planning teams the time to review proposed schedules and build the most cost-effective multi drop routes that make the best use of available transport resources.

So, how does the Maxoptra multi drop route planning system work?

Optimise your stop sequences

An initial multi point schedule is produced by Maxoptra which optimises routes by time and distance As a result, users enjoy the benefit of fuel savings and a reduction in unnecessary driving time, which helps improve the effectiveness of the distribution or service management fleet. Our route mapping software continually finds the best driver to meet the customer's specified time window and provide a higher level of service while controlling costs.

Re-organise your routes quickly and easily

If you have your drivers assigned to multiple stops within territories, it may be challenging to balance routes because of volumes/orders changing from day to day. Some orders may be on the border of two areas and it is difficult to allocate a driver to it. Dynamic route planning in logistics allows you to re-schedule orders efficiently and reduce mileage across multiple locations. This enables operational costs to be cut by up to 20%.

Consider customer's time window

An initial schedule is produced by Maxoptra to optimise fuel savings and reduce unnecessary driving hours. It doesn’t matter how many deliveries; collections or multiple destinations service calls you have because the system distributes all orders equally amongst the drivers. Maxoptra continually finds the best driver to meet the customer’s specified time window and provide a higher level of service.

Make sure your drivers follow the plan

Even when you plot a route with multiple stops, an ideal schedule is of no value if drivers do not follow their assigned routes. Maxoptra continuously compares planning data to real-time results and highlights issues such as late or early arrivals, differences between scheduled and actual driving time or mileage. The actual route is clearly displayed next to the planned one on the Maxoptra map to show route deviations.

Using a dynamic delivery route optimisation software solution you can automatically build multi drop transport routes at the touch of a button..

The routes you create are optimised to make the best use of your available assets, at the same time as making sure you meet any customer time window demands, or access restrictions, at specificdelivery or collection sites.

Maxoptra is the best, cloud-based route planner to help you plan multiple stops. It automatically takes into consideration important constraints such as ETAs, types of load and vehicles, preferred driver options, vehicle capacity and driver working hours and produces reliable routes based on the parameters you set. Maxoptra enables transport planners to do more with existing resource and at a lower operational costs - a real bonus when operators are working hard to control rising costs.