Multi drop route planning software for the food industry

Keeping the nation fed is big business. There is a growing appetite for cloud-based routing and scheduling software in the food industry. Our growing list of food delivery companies are reaping the benefits of introducing Maxoptra food delivery system to their distribution operations.

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For those tasked with getting food where it needs to be at the time it was promised, having a good route planning for deliveries is the key to success. This may explain why, we here at Maxoptra have seen a huge uplift in the number of food and drink companies reaching out to us to help them tackle their distribution challenges. More and more food distribution companies are turning to cloud-based logistics optimization software such as ours as a fast and effective way of delivering transport efficient results.

Maxoptra multiple location route planner gives food companies, from the large to the small, an effective way of getting deliveries out on the road in the most efficient way. Cost savings are a given, when compared with a manually planned operation, but the reduced road miles and associated carbon emissions can’t be overlooked – the Energy Saving Trust (EST) didn’t when they awarded us our accolade last week, making us this year’s EST Fleet Hero in the Fleet Supplier Category.

“Using Maxoptra, we will, in the first instance, re-sequence our current routes to make them more efficient and we calculate this will net considerable annual savings. This will also give us early notification of possible violations, such as overloaded or missed delivery slots. As we move forward, Maxoptra will be used to produce daily dynamic optimised routes, potentially increasing savings already gained by a factor of 10! Integrated with the TomTom in cab devices, the Maxoptra solution will also boost our customer service as we will have real time visibility of each vehicle in order to keep our customers informed.”

— Jon Evans, Managing Director, Arthur David

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So, how does the Maxoptra route mapping software for delivery business work?


Optimise your routes & schedules

Your customers expect your planned order commitments to be correct, and deliveries to be made on time despite last minute changes, heavy traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. Maxoptra food delivery system optimises your daily operations by dynamically routing and scheduling deliveries, resources and loads.


Save hours behind the wheel

With Maxoptra food delivery software you can beat the rush by strategically planning your orders and reviewing your fixed routes. Our multi drop meal delivery software can help you to add new deliveries or collections into your fixed routes easily. Sales territory optimisation is also available as part of the Maxoptra food delivery management software.


Link your route planning with vehicle tracking

Our versatile routing and scheduling system can easily link with your in-vehicle tracking units, giving you the benefit of planned versus actual performance monitoring and reporting. It easy to do and is all part of Maxoptra’s standard software offering so there are no hidden extra costs if you decide to go down this route.


ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) prediction

Would your customers like to know in advance when their collection, delivery or service call is taking place? Maxoptra route mapping software calculates ETAs based on a variety of factors. It also provides real time visibility of what’s actually happening out on the road. Customer notifications can be sent out automatically via text or email.

“Since introducing Maxoptra we have seen a number of operational improvements. We have been able to schedule deliveries to multiple areas using the same vehicle, which we didn’t think was possible, we have been able to reduce the fleet use by 10 percent on some days and even on the busiest days we have still completed every delivery. The drivers are also really engaging with the new system as it makes their lives easier and less stressful.”

— Mahmoud Mostafa, Business Consultant, Tahira Foods

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“Using Maxoptra, we will improve fleet utilisation, which in turn will help us reduce mileage, control costs, react to changing requirements and provide the building blocks for ongoing expansion of the business,”

— Gary Hannah, Director, Hannah Foods

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