MaxOptra reaches milestone of 500 customers and 3 million routes planned per month

At MaxOptra we are incredibly proud to announce that we have reached the milestone of 500 customers! That’s a total of roughly 5,000 vehicles using MaxOptra. And an enormous 3 million routes being planned every month using our system. So, how have…

How door manufacturers can deal with an increase in business and delivery

Building and construction is one industry that has significantly ramped up activity post lockdown. At MaxOptra, one element of this industry which we are seeing notably increased activity for is door manufacturers.

MaxOptra MD, Sanjay Gandhi, comments on business and logistics in 2020 and beyond

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 wasn’t the year we all predicted. The impact of COVID-19, business closures, and redundancies has been vast, all over the world. Many businesses, and individuals, have been forced into seemingly impossible…

Why retailers need to start getting their logistics in order for Christmas 2020

Preparing for the Golden Quarter is a daunting prospect for any retailer. But in 2020, it’s starting to become the nightmare before Christmas.

How the building and construction industry can save money and resource with route optimisation

You may have noticed the walls of scaffolding that were quickly erected as lockdown began easing. We certainly did! While the temporary sound of hammering and drilling isn’t the most pleasant noise to wake up to, one positive is that the building…

How MaxOptra continues to successfully support international businesses

While our HQ is UK based, at MaxOptra we are passionate about being a global business. Our offices are based throughout Europe, and we are proud to serve markets across the globe, including North and South America, UAE, South Africa, Canada, Australia,…

Now that lockdown is lifting, it’s time to think about Brexit and logistics

It seems that the world has been so distracted by COVID-19, that they’ve almost forgotten about Brexit. However, the ‘B’ word is appearing in the news an increasing amount, and the date is looming ever-closer.

How brands are saving money and resource with route optimisation

Saving money and resource is a key goal for many businesses. However, reliance on legacy systems, driver knowledge, and paper-based solutions often holds businesses back in making those all important savings.

How to save money and resource with route optimisation

Before using MaxOptra, some of our customers weren’t sure if route optimisation was a necessary expense. They had relied on their drivers to choose the best routes, or had a legacy system which they believed “worked”, even if not particularly…

How to choose the best route optimisation software for your business

Investing in route optimisation software is a big decision for any business. The system may be responsible for managing your orders, routes, drivers and customer communications, making it an incredibly important part of your business.