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Maxoptra Delivery Management Software Keeps Japanese Food Deliveries on Target for Atari-Ya

Atari-Ya implemented Maxoptra to improve driver utilisation and reduce operating costs.

Counting the real cost of missed delivery

The annoyance caused by a missed delivery defeats the entire purpose of online shopping. But it’s not just inconvenient - it’s costing retailers, couriers and consumers a collective £1.6bn a year.

How the Internet of Things will impact the future of the food distribution industry

In the following blog we look at the impact of the IoT on the food distribution industry. We review how it’s being used throughout the supply chain and how you can use IoT to future-proof your business.

Maxoptra Delivery Software Helps Speedcrete Speed Distribution of Construction Equipment

Speedcrete implemented real-time delivery management software from Maxoptra.

“Where the hell are the tinned tomatoes?!” Our thoughts on Waitrose ‘While you were away’ service.

Whatever the household chore there seems to be a smarter way to get it done these days.
But there’s one development in household maintenance that made us sit up and listen this week…

Why service is the manufacturing industry’s new product

In a recent survey over half of manufacturing companies said their marketing could be better.
But this lack of marketing isn’t just a minor niggle - it’s a threat to the entire domestic manufacturing industry.

Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling Software Puts the Care Back into FISC Healthcare Deliveries

FISC Healthcare has implemented real-time delivery management and routing software from Maxoptra.

Challenges and solutions within Food Distribution | Part 2

In the second of our two-part series on wholesale food distribution we look at how companies are using professional route planning technology to speed up delivery times, drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Maxoptra Dynamic Delivery Software Helps Dibs Distribution with Fast Food Deliveries

The implementation of Maxoptra dynamic delivery management and route planning software at Dibs Distribution.

Challenges and solutions within Food Distribution | Part 1

In the first of a two-part series on wholesale food distribution and delivery we take a look at the main issues faced at a time of unprecedented demand.