MaxOptra supports a 113% increase in delivery drops in just 2 years 

MaxOptra supports a 113% increase in delivery drops in just 2 years 

Over the past two years at MaxOptra we have seen a noticeable increase in all areas of system usage, including monthly runs, drops, and vehicle usage.

Specifically, 106% increase in monthly runs, 113% increase in monthly drops, and 73% increase in vehicles used, all from Feb 21 to Feb 23.

We attribute this increase to changes in its technology and the overall landscape of the UK, which have resulted in roughly 40% growth in customers year on year, and an ongoing increase in usage.

MaxOptra’s MD, Sanjay Gandhi commented:

“We are delighted to see such a significant increase in usage of our route optimisation software over the past two years. This is a testament to the value our software brings to businesses, particularly those operating in the eCommerce space. As the UK’s eCommerce market continues to grow, we are excited to support even more businesses in their journey towards efficient and sustainable delivery.”

Let’s explore why so many businesses are now using MaxOptra:

Changes in MaxOptra

Ongoing tech improvements

Over the past two years at MaxOptra we have put significant budget and resource into improving our technology. In fact, 70% of MaxOptra’s revenue goes back into research and development. 

This ensures that our cutting edge technology is still at the forefront of our industry, and that we are implementing the features, functionality, and integrations that our customers want to see. 

Team growth

Essential to improving our technology has been growing our team numbers.

Since 2021 MaxOptra has increased staff numbers by 40%, with a focus on product development and customer support skill sets.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, with maintaining our high levels of support and implementation success being a top priority for the entire business.  This success is seen in our customer case studies and positive Trustpilot reviews.

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Changes in the UK

Increase in system usage can also be tied to changes in the UK, let’s delve into some of these:

Increase in eCommerce 

eCommerce has increased by almost 6% since 2021, and is predicted to grow by a further 25% by 2025.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the move for eCommerce within the UK, a trend which is continuing into 2023. This growth has been driven by a range of factors and consumer behaviours, which we will go onto explore. 

Store closures

Almost 50 UK shops closed for good every day in 2022. 

This resulted in an increased focus on eCommerce offering for many businesses.

There are various reasons for these store closures, high business and energy rates, changing consumer behavior post-pandemic, and an ongoing challenging retail environment.

Many of these retailers are adapting and innovating, investing in their online presence alongside their delivery offering.

Increased trust in online shopping

With many consumers forced to shop online over the pandemic, there has been an increased familiarity and trust with the online buying journey.

Consumers that were previously hesitant to shop online now embrace the process as an easy and safe way to shop. And this is only increased by retailers being forced to invest in their eCommerce offering alongside their online security measures.

Greater product range

Without the restrictions of physical stores, online shopping offers a much wider product range for consumers.

eCommerce retailers are able to stock a wider range of products and sizing within their warehouses, alongside specialist and niche product ranges that may not have been available in every physical store.

This further encourages consumers to shop online, reducing the chance of dealing with stock shortages and lack of sizing options.

Improved delivery options

Again, lockdown restrictions during the pandemic, businesses were forced into implementing and/or improving their delivery offerings.

Whilst this was now a few years ago, it is a priority that has remained for retailers. Particularly as consumer expectation of fast and reliable delivery increases.

Next day delivery is now the norm, alongside the ability for consumers to track their delivery and remain updated via email and SMS communications. 

Environmental pressures

It’s not just changes to eCommerce that have encouraged an increase in route optimisation usage.

Consumers are becoming more aware and concerned with the environmental impacts of their purchases. Adding increased pressure to businesses to adopt more sustainable practices throughout the buying cycle.

This is particularly notable when it comes to delivery options. With businesses choosing to move from paper-based operations to cloud-based, and reducing their mileage and fuel through the most efficient and optimised routes possible.

In summary

In summary, at MaxOptra we have seen a remarkable increase in system usage. Including a 113% increase in monthly drops, a 106% increase in monthly runs, and a 73% increase in vehicles used over the past two years. 

And these increases can be attributed to both changes in MaxOptra and the UK as a whole. 

At MaxOptra we have invested heavily in technology and team growth, leading to ongoing tech improvements and high-quality customer support. 

Changes in the UK, much of which has been influenced by the pandemic alongside a natural evolution of consumer behaviour, have gone on to play a significant role in driving the increase in MaxOptra’s usage. 

As the trend towards eCommerce and delivery options continues to grow, we believe our innovative technology and commitment to excellence in customer service position us well to continue to support businesses in meeting these challenges.

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