How to save money and resource with route optimisation

How to save money and resource with route optimisation

Before using MaxOptra, some of our customers weren’t sure if route optimisation was a necessary expense. They had relied on their drivers to choose the best routes, or had a legacy system which they believed “worked”, even if not particularly well.

However, our customers quickly see the cost and resource saving benefits that route optimisation can bring to businesses; from planning through to keeping customers happy.

In fact, MaxOptra has been proven to reduce operational costs by up to 20%!

Still not convinced? Then read on.


Optimised routes

Delivery routes change according to customer demand, driver availability and traffic conditions. That’s why many distribution and logistics companies are moving away from fixed schedules and towards more dynamic routes that can be flexed to meet modern demands.

Multi drop route planners build routes on the go. Which means you know you’re always using your resources in the most efficient way, planning the best route on the best day and meeting customer expectations rather than being a slave to a fixed schedule.

Operating using dynamic delivery routes doesn’t just allow you to get goods to customers in the most efficient way – the fuel and time savings have been shown to reduce operational costs by up to 20% too!


More efficient deliveries

Time is precious when it comes to delivery routes, with drivers needing to make deliveries quickly and without delay. That’s why it is important to ensure that delivery vehicles are loaded correctly and logically, and that packages are accessible for the driver once they reach their destination.

Route optimisation systems will map out routes to ensure they are as efficient and cost effective as possible. It will also recommend the right vehicle for the job based on the space you need for the packages you’re carrying, ensuring the driver can work as quickly and effectively as possible.

Additionally, systems with ePOD functionality enables drivers to scan items on and off their vehicles to further ensure the correct delivery to the correct destination.


Fuel and maintenance savings

Traffic, weather and delivery schedules – these are all changeable elements which can result in increased fuel costs if not handled correctly. Route optimisation systems give you the most efficient route depending on the conditions. The office can even add or remove jobs from a driver’s schedule remotely without impacting other deliveries.

Additionally, by avoiding unnecessarily long journeys you will be avoiding unnecessary wear and tear of your vehicles, and a reduction in maintenance costs.


Customer retention

In the age of immediacy, both B2C and B2B customers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to delivery.

Next Day Delivery is now the norm, and Same Day Delivery isn’t far behind.

Businesses are now faced with the challenge of providing their customers with super-fast, low-cost delivery, frequent notifications and an immediate response to queries. All whilst running a streamlined, cost-effective service.

Route optimisation software combined with ePOD functionality means that businesses can offer convenient time slots to customers that are accurate, and deliveries to be made on time despite last minute changes, heavy traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.

Additionally, businesses can make sure that customers are constantly kept up to date with the process and location of their order by proactively sending out advance email and SMS ETA notifications.


Integrated systems

Last but not least, integrating route optimisation software into your business ecosystem can help to really streamline business processes and improve results.

This will ensure an overall efficient and smooth running of our business, with many manual tasks being automated to your business, and your fleet managers, saving time and money.


Don’t take our word for it…!

Since grocery retailer, Charles Stamper, has been using the MaxOptra system they have quickly seen the benefits when it came to route planning and scheduling, with MaxOptra immediately reducing their planning time by 80%.

Additionally, by using MaxOptra functionality, Charles Stamper are now able to offer next day delivery to their customers, which is a significant improvement to their previous delivery offering.

The ability to plan their routes more effectively and offer faster delivery means that Charles Stamper no longer faces a backlog in orders, and can keep their website up and running; processing and continuous flow of orders from new customers.

Charles Stamper was able to save costs, streamline their processes, take on more orders without facing a backlog, and keep an entirely new customer base happy.

If you would like to learn more about how our world-leading software can help you save costs, then get in touch for a chat with one of our experts.

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