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Vehicle Tracking Integration

Maxoptra integrates with a number of leading tracking service providers to obtain actual data on what your vehicles are doing. No built-in GPS devices? You still can get tracking data from any Android device used by your personnel!


Plan Vs Actual Comparison

Maxoptra continuously compares planning data to real-time data and highlights violations such as late or early arrivals, differences between scheduled and actual driving time or mileage. The actual route is displayed next to the planned one right on the map to highlight route deviations.


ETA Prediction

Based on progress information and accumulated lateness, Maxoptra route optimisation software recalculates ETAs for every job in the plan, so that you can answer customer queries instantly.


Powerful Analytical Reports

Maxoptra tells you what’s happened by providing a powerful reporting tool. Moreover it also tells you why a variance has happened, be it late departure from the depot, extra mileage or incorrect job sequence.

Job Dispatch and Real Time Control Overview

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"We had investigated a number of legacy solutions when we were introduced to Magenta by Independent Tracking. We are very happy with their proactive and customer focussed approach and belive we are now very close to providing our dispatch managers with the tools they need."

— Kevin Sheehan, IT and Communications Development Manager


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