How MaxOptra continues to successfully support international businesses

How MaxOptra continues to successfully support international businesses

While our HQ is UK based, at MaxOptra we are passionate about being a global business. 

Our offices are based throughout Europe, and we are proud to serve markets across the globe, including North and South America, UAE, South Africa, Canada, Australia, France, Spain and now Cyprus!

If you are an international business who are considering route optimisation services, here are some of the benefits that MaxOptra can offer:


Industry leading technology and the most reliable mapping provider in the world

MaxOptra plans routes daily, weekly, monthly, or however frequently you require your dynamic schedule. Our algorithms produce efficient and reliable routes, fast. We take into account traffic conditions and known roadworks, as well as vehicle capacities, live order volumes and delivery time windows.

All of this supports you in avoiding any potential inefficiencies of fixed routes, reduces excess mileage, keeps your customers happy and, as a result, cuts operational costs by up to 20%!

As part of the MaxOptra system, you will have access to ePOD functionality, our own dedicated iOS and Android application, and unlike other route optimisation solutions, we use Google as our mapping provider, meaning you are receiving the most up to date and reliable data available. 


World-class implementation and support teams, offering around the clock support

At MaxOptra we pride ourselves on offering first class implementation and post-go live support.

We understand that implementation and support are key to the success of any project.

That’s why we’ve invested in great people and solid processes to ensure we meet your business project KPIs quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way on your MaxOptra journey, including:

  • Email support available Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm, excluding UK Bank Holidays.
  • Our emergency hotline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Extensive range of support documentation designed to help you and your team get the best from your MaxOptra system.
  • Self help tutorials and online videos are available, ensuring you can quickly get to grips with some of our most useful features.
  • Every client is assigned both an Account and Implementation Manager who are on hand to help you get the best from your implementation

We also offer premium implementation and support packages to those who need additional assistance. In addition to our standard support services, by signing up for our premium package you are entitled to additional access to your implementation manager which is proven to produce a faster result for our customers.


Advanced integration capabilities

Integrating MaxOptra into your business ecosystem can help to streamline business processes and improve results. Data can be shared with our system via a .csv upload or through our Open API.

MaxOptra’s open API makes it an ideal complement to any telematics, ePOD, SOP, ERP, WMS and CRM solution. Generally provided as a subscription-based SaaS solution, MaxOptra is accessible 24/7 from any web browser worldwide and is ideal for fleets of any size.

With a fast-growing international customer base, all of whom need to import orders and export routes, we are continually broadening our library of completed integrations. This includes:

MaxOptra can also easily gather real time data from a range of telematics systems and we have strategically partnered with global telematics leaders. You can find the full list here, which includes: 


Internationally experienced management team

MaxOptra is driven by a committed management team who are all aligned in our mission to provide leading-edge solutions to forward thinking, international distribution companies.

— Sanjay Gandhi, Managing Director, MaxOptra

Our business ethos, combined with great technology and good people, is what makes us strong

Our emphasis is on leading the way, and growing our reputation as a low-effort, high-reward, global solution for distribution and service fleet operators all around the world. Through our open API, for ease of integration, and our well-developed implementation and support processes, we enable our customers to reap rewards fast.

At MaxOptra, we board a management team with extensive international experience, all of whom are committed to ensuring that any interaction with Maxoptra is professional, modern and straight forward, from start to finish, no matter where the business is based. This means that every experience with Maxoptra is refreshingly simple, highly efficient and rewarding.


If you are an international business who would like to discuss your routing and scheduling needs, get in touch with one of our experts for a consultation or demonstration of our system.

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