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The home delivery market has exploded in recent years. Nowadays tight time windows are the norm; same day delivery services are not uncommon; and as consumers we are all used to being told exactly when our delivery is coming and even who will be delivering it.

So how do those companies still offering all day or am/pm time windows make what must seem like a gargantuan leap into the realm of one-hour time slots and real time customer updates? Help is at hand in the form of automated routing and scheduling optimisation systems. Some of big, complex systems are costly, tricky to implement and challenging to configure. However, Maxoptra home delivery system offers hope to those wanting to make the switch and remain competitive in this fast paced industry.

Using a dynamic and sophisticated route scheduling system such as Maxoptra operators can manage home deliveries in a way that is both cost effective in terms of transport resources at the same time as offering great service to customers. Happy customers usually return and in a world where social media is also booming, getting a reputation for bad home delivery service is not hard to do, but is very hard to undo.

Here is the solution:

Offer tight time windows that you know are achievable
Use Maxoptra to allocate time windows to customers that you know are achievable and cost effective. These can be confirmed to one hour slots. They take into consideration the many constraints faced by any transport operator – vehicle capacity and availability; road restrictions, travel times etc. This means you won’t overpromise and under deliver!
Make accurate ETA predictions
Automatically communicate these time windows to your customers once the route schedule has been produced. An informed customer is generally a happy customer. Maxoptra calculates ETAs based on a variety of factors. This enables accurate ETA calculations and automatic text or email notification of planned arrival times to be communicated to your customers.
Keep your customers informed
Link your route planning with your vehicle tracking to ensure you are on track to deliver at the time you promised. If there is a problem or a delay you can notify your customer in advance. With the increased use of technology in transport, and the ability to integrate route optimisation and vehicle tracking solutions easily, it means there is no excuse not to keep customers informed.
Manage your routes easily
Easily sort and organise multiple stops, allocate and re-allocate orders to different drivers with drag-and-drop. View progress on each run right on your screen and be able to react quickly to any changes in the schedule. Our home delivery software offers integration with TomTom, which allows your drivers to find routes easily not even knowing an area.

Why use Maxoptra over another system?


Maxoptra is a unique system as it offers users the ability to schedule dynamically, in the true sense of the term. Many of the bigger, more established routing systems enable you to plan optimised routes before vehicles leave the depot but Maxoptra is the only one that allows you to react to, and manage, real life changes once the route is underway.


Our system is cloud-based which makes it easy to implement, there are no costly upfront hardware requirements of hefty ongoing implementation support fees. Being cloud-based means that all users are automatically enrolled in our software upgrade programme free of charge. This means that all new functionality is made available quickly and easily.


We operate a cost competitive monthly fee model meaning there is no huge upfront cost prior to implementation. You also pay for the number of vehicles running in your fleet which is easier than the licence band options so common among other system providers.


We have an advanced and flexible interface to a variety of vehicle tracking systems, especially to TomTom. Linking Maxoptra to your tracking system has been proven to work, deliver results, and improve the customer service experience for our client’s customers.

As part of our sales process we give potential users access to a free trial. This enables you to try the system first hand. Visit our free trial page to find out more.

“Seeing the real time ETA of our shipments helps our customer service staff improve service with valid addresses a lot quicker, allocating routes efficiently and updating our customers with changes in schedules. I believe that Maxoptra is the only solution in today’s market that is ideal for SME, but growing, companies.”

John Burgess,
Transportation Consultant
of Champion Timber

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