Field Service Management

Plan your service engineers’ workload and manage your customers’ expectations efficiently.

Field service scheduling & despatch

Maxoptra’s comprehensive planning functionality reduces 90% of dispatchers’ routine work, allowing them to communicate with clients and make final decisions quickly. Simple drag-&-drop functionality allows the easy assignment of orders to engineers, whilst the system provides hints, calculates driving durations, waiting times and optimises routes sequences as you go.

Easy integration with any ERP

Our API enables the field service scheduling software to integrate with almost any CRM, ERP or accounting system. This allows companies to save money on implementing new technology and teaching employees to work with it.

Field service tracking & real-time adjustments

Maxoptra’s service dispatching software displays the current location of each technician, giving you the opportunity to add new urgent jobs as they come in, even when routes are already started. The service schedule software finds the best option to fulfil the customer order and provide a high level of service.

Keep your clients informed

ETA notifications are an accepted customer expectation today. Not offering them can cause uncertainty about the professionalism of the service being provided. Maxoptra’s best route optimisation software sends regular updates to customers to keep them informed.

Technician’s mobile app

Service engineers can constantly keep in touch with the despatch office through a mobile field service app, reporting order status in real time to the controller and receiving new jobs during the day. As Maxoptra routing software is connected to TomTom navigation, engineers can be guided effectively through traffic congestion or helped to find challenging locations. Real-time positioning information (coming through the GPS) is constantly reported to the despatch office, helping the scheduling team to make efficient allocation decisions.
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"We have been working with Magenta for many months, defining and developing a solution for the field service industry. We are very happy with Magenta’s proactive and customer focussed approach and believe we are now very close to providing our dispatch managers with the tools they need.”
— Kevin Sheehan, IT and Communications Development Manager
  1. Delivery orders are exported from the company’s database automatically
  2. The routes are produced by Maxoptra based upon customers’ windows, vehicle types, equipment requirements and are shown on the map. They are reviewed by the dispatcher and sent to the driver’s navigation device or smartphone.
  3. Drivers on route can continually update orders status and report on job status.
  4. Getting vehicle locations from tracking devices or smartphones.
  5. Customers are constantly informed about estimated time of arrival (ETA) through SMS or email messages.
  6. Driving manifests are sent to the service company’s system for further invoicing and reporting.

Maxoptra’s despatch software

provides both large and small companies with clear visibility and an understanding of what is happening with any job, at any point throughout the day, and the ability to respond quickly in real-time to sudden changes to the planned schedule to maintain customer satisfaction, thereby:

Reducing operating costs by up to 10% to create new pricing competitiveness

Meeting customer expectations on real time delivery and collection notification, leading to increased satisfaction and business growth by:

— Generating new opportunities and repeat business with existing customers

— Increasing loyalty and retaining existing customers

— Winning new customers

Reduce budgetary pressures

Maxoptra’s field service dispatching software calculates mileage and route profitability, allowing you to keep costs within the limits. Smarter scheduling allows you to avoid wasted trips, increase first-time fix rates and do more jobs with the same field force.

Increase employee productivity and motivation

Engineers can constantly keep in touch with the despatch office through mobile field service apps. They report order status in real time to the controller and receive new jobs during the day. Maxoptra’s integration with TomTom navigation means that employees spend less time on the road and more time on the job using their skills.

Faster reaction to new jobs coming in

The field scheduling software automatically assigns the most appropriate engineer to each new job coming in during the day, to meet the customer’s specified time window and provide a higher level of service. Even when routes are already started, Maxoptra route mapping software continually monitors progress, the current vehicle position, jobs completed by each engineer and the remaining driving hours.
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"We strongly believe that success comes to those who get the basics right. Managing Avis’ resources better to deliver a better customer service is a part of this simple strategy, and Magenta’s logistics planning software is a great contribution to it and an essential tool which allows us to compete to win over competitors."
— Hans Mueller, Commercial Manager for AVIS Rent a Car UK

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