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Albion Meat Products delivers to difficult locations with MaxOptra and what3words

About Albion Meat Products

Family-run business, Albion Meat Products, boasts over 30 years experience in delivering the highest quality dog food based on the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) Diet to their customers. They have witnessed first-hand the difference that such a diet has had on the well-being of their dogs, so they believe that they know a thing or two when it comes to providing their customers with the very best in dog nutrition.

They believe that feeding working dogs and other carnivores raw meat that is free from additives, colouring, preservatives and fillers is not only healthier but also closer to their natural diet.

Albion Meat Products deliver to businesses across the UK, now priding themselves on a quality product, efficient delivery, and great customer service.

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The challenge

Prior to MaxOptra, Albion Meat Products were facing a number of challenges with their delivery operation.

Firstly, routing was taking far too long – roughly 3 hours per day. Including loading orders onto maps manually using postcodes.

Customer experience was also an issue for Albion Meat Products. Due to a lack of customer communication options, the business would often experience customers calling up enquiring about delivery times. This would then involve everyone in the office having to deal with enquiries, contacting drivers for updates, and liaising with customers on a daily basis.

Location accuracy was also a challenge for the business, particularly as some of their customers lived in rural and isolated locations that weren’t on Google maps. This would often result in their drivers having to print out detailed maps, and wasting time and resource on struggling to find difficult locations.

The solution

MaxOptra’s Route Optimisation was the first solution that Albion Meat Products implemented. Removing the need for manual and time-intensive scheduling, MaxOptra quickly saved Albion Meat Products 14 hours per week which were previously spent manually route planning.

The business also took advantage of MaxOptra’s industry-leading customer experience tools to ensure their customers are kept up to date at every stage of the delivery process. Costumers no longer needed to contact the business to find out when their order will be arriving. Instead, they are kept up to date regularly with email and SMS.

Albion Meat Products were also one of the first businesses to utilise the MaxOptra and what3words integration to ensure a smooth delivery to their most rural and secluded customers. A feature of their delivery service that their competitors simply can’t offer. 

As well as the functionality of MaxOptra, Albion Meat Products were also impressed with the implementation process, reporting that the MaxOptra team were “very patient and helpful, I could contact support and within a few minutes someone will have responded”.

A further benefit of MaxOptra to the business is the removal of single-person dependencies. The user-friendly nature of the system means that when their Transport Manager is away, others in the business can easily pick up the routing process. Leaving the system to take care of everything, with others barely having to lift a finger. 

“If the system didn’t work perfectly, we wouldn’t be using it. It’s as simple as that. From start to finish the MaxOptra experience has been spot on. It has saved us time, money, and unnecessary stress.”

– Gary Donegan, Albion Meat Products

The future for Albion Meat Products

There’s lots on the horizon for Albion Meat Products.

They have recently taken up MaxOptra’s improved Vehicle Checks functionality, streamlining a process which previously took up to 10 minutes per day for their drivers.

Additionally, Albion Meat Products are planning on moving to larger premises over the next year. And are confident that the scalability and support of the MaxOptra system means they will have one less thing to worry about. 

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