In the age of immediacy, both B2C and B2B customers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to delivery.

Next Day Delivery is now the norm, and Same Day Delivery isn't far behind.

Businesses are now faced with the challenge of providing their customers with super-fast, low-cost delivery, frequent notifications and an immediate response to queries. All whilst running a streamlined, cost-effective service.

At Maxoptra we put your customers at the heart of all features and functionality to ensure you are consistently meeting, and exceeding, their expectations.

Optimise a fast delivery service

Consumer expectation is high when it comes to speed of delivery. With Maxoptra you can create low cost, optimised route plans in a matter of minutes through automated planning.

Our plans automatically take into account time window constraints and vehicle access, meaning that sure routes are optimised but also realistic.

Better visibility of the planning process through integration with order management and stock control systems will help you offer faster delivery and tighter delivery time slots, with confidence.

Offer convenient, accurate delivery slots

The ability to offer convenient time slots to customers is a great way to keep them happy. However, customers expect your planned orders to be accurate, and deliveries to be made on time despite last minute changes, heavy traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.

Maxoptra will plan the most efficient, low cost routes for you in a matter of minutes. Our system optimises your daily operations by dynamically routing and scheduling deliveries, resources and loads; ensuring you don’t promise something you can’t deliver.


87% of online shoppers are more likely to buy when next day delivery is offered


82% of buyers state that ETA notifications influence their decision to purchase from a supplier


64% of buyers will hold the retailer accountable for any issues, even if the delivery was carried out by a third party


87% of consumers count the “delivery experience” as a key factor in deciding whether to make a repeat purchase

Manage unforeseen changes or issues with ease

Even the most solid plans can change on the day of delivery, and how you handle these changes are paramount to customer satisfaction.

With Maxoptra, changes to a delivery time slot can be handled with ease, even if your vehicle has left the depot. Our drag and drop technology allows you to make changes to a live route, assess the impact and work with the customer to make an informed decision. Drivers are even automatically updated via our App or third party device.

We also offer ePOD as standard to all driver App users. Meaning your drivers can scan items on and off their vehicles, capture signatures and take photographs as proof of delivery.

Keep your customers informed

Keeping your customers in the loop as to current delivery location and time of arrival is becoming increasingly essential.

With Maxoptra you can proactively send out advanced email and SMS ETA notifications to regularly keep your customers informed. Customers can also keep themselves updated via your own Website Widget and Facebook Bot.

For added peace of mind for both you and your customer, our ePod app allows drivers to log proof of delivery signatures and photos and comments.

Gain invaluable feedback

"With TrustPilot and Feefo scores at the front of many operators’ minds it’s becoming imperative that customer satisfaction issues are identified as early as possible.

Maxoptra’s “Rate my Delivery” functionality offers your customers an official outlet to provide you with feedback before they turn to public review sites. This will enable you to measure customer happiness, address any issues and also identify your top performing drivers."