5 reasons why your business needs SMS delivery notifications

5 reasons why your business needs SMS delivery notifications

Delivery expectations are constantly on the rise. Now more so than ever with highstreet shops closing and lockdown regulations increasing

Next Day Delivery is now the norm, and Same Day Delivery isn’t far behind.

Businesses are now faced with the challenge of providing their customers with super-fast, low-cost delivery, frequent notifications and an immediate response to queries. All whilst running a streamlined, cost-effective service.

Want to know one of our secrets to keeping your customers happy…?

SMS notifications.

Read on to find out why


Keeps customers informed

The first and foremost reason for businesses using SMS notification is to keep their customers informed.

This offers peace of mind for your customer, who is reassured as to where their delivery is.

But it also reduces hours spent on support phone calls or dealing with queries from customers wanting to know where their delivery is and what time it will arrive.

Win, win!


Customers are happy to receive text messages

75% of consumers are happy to receive SMS messages from brands (after they’ve opted in).

This means you already have a fantastic opportunity to keep customers in the loop regarding their delivery. Without getting on their nerves.

Make the most of this by offering SMS notifications at the point of purchase, and post purchase, to give your customers the best chance of opting in and keeping up to date with their order.

And keep them up to date as frequently as possible. From order confirmations and delivery estimates, to your driver’s name and location during delivery.


Higher levels of engagement than any other channel

Furthermore, SMS messages have a fantastic open rate of 98%. And 90% of messages are ready in just 3 minutes.

That’s some impressive engagement.

The benefit to you is that you know your notifications are being read. And the benefit to the customer is that they can easily keep themselves up to date and reassured over the progress of their order.


Support customers new to e-commerce

It has been predicted that the number of online shoppers will hit an astonishing 2.14 billion by 2021. That’s roughly 1 in every 4 people.


But with an increase in online shopping comes an increase in deliveries.

And for those consumers who have been forced into online shopping due to Covid-19, the concept of waiting for their goods to be delivered, as opposed to taking them home immediately, is not a familiar one.

Brands have the perfect opportunity to engage with this new audience. But it’s important they are taken care of and not alienated.

SMS updates are the perfect way to achieve this. While many of these shoppers aren’t used to buying online or even checking their emails frequently, they are used to receiving text messages.

Simple delivery updates via SMS may be all a customer needs to feel reassured and communicated with that their delivery is safe and on it’s way.


Futureproof your business

Last but not least. SMS gives you the opportunity to futureproof your business.

Afterall, if you’re competitors aren’t offering SMS notifications now. They soon will be.

As the world continues to digitalise at a rapid pace. And customers’ expectations of businesses are ever increasing. Communication, automation, and immediacy is only going to grow in importance.

So make the steps today to ensure your business is ahead tomorrow.

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