Courier Industry Software

Innovative courier dispatch software with a mobile app.

Same-day courier dispatch

For immediate parcel collection, Maxoptra’s Courier Industry Software automatically allocates a courier for each new order received during the day. Even when routes are already started, Maxoptra will work out the progress on each run, the current courier position, the amount of work to be completed by each courier and the remaining driving hours. This ensures that the courier best positioned to do so performs the customer collection to provide the best service possible.

Calculating ETAs

Maxoptra's courier software calculates ETAs by taking into consideration a variety of factors: official speed limits and recommended speeds, likely speeds derived from road types and historical average speed data over certain time periods, actual travel times from previous users, and real-time traffic information. All this enables accurate ETAs and helps to reduce your operational costs.

Notifications through dispatching software

Today, customers expect notifications and updates about the status of their deliveries, the absence of which can cause uncertainty about the quality of service being provided. Maxoptra service dispatching software enables regular information to be sent so that customers can monitor their deliveries or shipments in real time.

Courier tracking mobile app

Couriers can constantly keep in touch with the despatch office through a mobile app. They report order status in real time to the controller and receive new collection jobs during the day. Maxoptra is also connected to TomTom navigation to guide a courier more easily through traffic. Real-time positioning information (via GPS) is continually reported to the despatch office, enabling the scheduling team to make the most efficient allocation decisions.
  1. Delivery orders are exported from the company’s database automatically
  2. The routes are produced by Maxoptra based upon customers’ windows, vehicle types, equipment requirements and are shown on the map. They are reviewed by the dispatcher and sent to the driver’s navigation device or smartphone.
  3. Drivers on route can continually update orders status and report on job status.
  4. Getting vehicle locations from tracking devices or smartphones.
  5. Customers are constantly informed about estimated time of arrival (ETA) through SMS or email messages.
  6. Driving manifests are sent to the courier company’s system for further invoicing and reporting.
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"We have been working with Magenta for many months, defining and developing a solution for the service industry. We are very happy with Magenta’s proactive and customer focused approach and believe we are now very close to providing our dispatch managers with the tools they need."
— Kevin Sheehan, IT and Communications Development Manager, Service-Line

Maxoptra for courier companies

helps to drive operational efficiencies, allows rapid reaction to any changes in real time and improves customer service, thereby:

Reducing response time

As the Maxoptra delivery route optimization system constantly updates the delivery status of each order, the vehicle position and calculates the estimated time of arrival, the customer service team will always be able to answer any customer query.

Increasing employees’ productivity

Maxoptra’s delivery routing software can schedule orders automatically, thereby reducing a dispatchers’ routine work often by more than half. Moreover, due to the efficiencies provided through route optimization, your mobile workforce will be able to complete more jobs per day.

Decreasing costs

The initial schedule produced by the courier tracking system will focus on reducing operational costs. It doesn’t matter how many deliveries each area has, the system will distribute all orders amongst the couriers equally. Routes are sequenced to match customers’ time windows and to ensure collections and deliveries are always on time.

With every new order during the day, the route mapping software will continually update the schedule to adjust delivery sequences, taking into consideration new collections, weights and the vehicle requirements involved.
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"Maxoptra played a key role in the total end-to-end processes and IT transformation that Natures Menu undertook in 2013, providing the foundation to scale the business, build on the high levels of customer service enjoyed by our customers while at the same time reducing mileage and fuel consumption for the business."
— Craig Taylor, Managing Director

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