Serviceline Choose Maxoptra to Turn up the Heat on Field Service Efficiency

Serviceline Choose Maxoptra to Turn up the Heat on Field Service Efficiency

Serviceline has implemented Magenta Technology’s Field Service Software solution, which enabled them to streamline their field service operations and provided better visibility of their resources and availability of service engineer’s time. It is expected that Serviceline will be able to improve business efficiency and make significant productivity gains through the Maxoptra implementation.

Serviceline wanted to significantly improve customer satisfaction and overall efficiency. So, they needed planning tools which can allow their managers to obtain enhanced visibility into travel times, journey durations and proximity of other work without having to change over to a resource consuming new infrastructure. They chose Maxoptra as it could cope with the complexity of their operations with minimal operational cost due to the cloud based nature of the Maxoptra solution.

Our intelligent software for field service gives a clear visibility of the employee’s current location due to integration with TomTom WEBFLEET platform. It helps job managers track job status, work schedule and also highlights variances from plan.

Serviceline will now be able to have optimised schedules from the Maxoptra Service web-based dynamic planning solution sent directly to the TomTom device allowing the field technicians to navigate to their jobs and report their progress in real time. Once fully implemented the solution will generate operational improvements such as reduced travel times and mileages, increased productivity, reduced operating costs, realistic work plans with greater employee and customer satisfaction.

Kevin Sheehan – IT and Communications Development Manager, Service-Line said –“Over the last few years we have successfully used TomTom to ensure fleet efficiency. Indeed it was through an analysis of the TomTom tracking data that we realised that to get to the next level of productivity; we needed to provide our dispatch managers with the software tools to produce optimised work plans. Essentially we were efficiently carrying out inefficient plans. We had investigated a number of legacy solutions when we were introduced to Magenta by Independent Tracking. We have been working with Magenta for many months, defining and developing a solution for the service industry. We are very happy with Magenta’s proactive and customer focussed approach and believe we are now very close to providing our dispatch managers with the tools they need”.

Maxoptra is a SaaS based affordable solution with intuitive features designed to efficiently plan the balance of routine and breakdown calls to prevent greater than necessary fuel expenditure and meet customer demand for narrow time windows and accurate arrival times.

Stuart Brunger, Head of Business Development for Magenta Technology said, “For a Field service organisation like Serviceline, Maxoptra will help them differentiate themselves in the market. Besides providing an end-to-end customer experience, the solution will plug the gaps and help improve productivity, improve customer service, reduce operating costs and meet Health and Safety compliance standards.”


Serviceline as a company is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of commercial catering and refrigeration equipment. We specialise in looking after equipment from all makes and manufacturers, from preparation, cooking and refrigerated storage, to servery counters and dishwash systems.We directly employ a team of around 120 fully trained engineers located around the country to facilitate our offering of national UK support. The regional based engineers are controlled from our office in Stevenage which houses our spare parts and logistics team, contact centre and other office functions. We offer support to various types of establishments from small café style kitchens, national restaurant chains, large event stadiums to large blue chip companies with multi-site operations. Our motto is to offer a one-stop shop for all catering equipment repairs.

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