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So, how does the Maxoptra multi drop route scheduling system work?

Optimise your routes & schedules

delivery route

Your customers expect your planned order commitments to be correct, and deliveries to be made on time despite last minute changes, heavy traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. Maxoptra optimises your daily operations by dynamically routing and scheduling deliveries, resources and loads.

Save hours behind the wheel

24 hours

With Maxoptra logistics planning software you can beat the rush by strategically planning your orders and reviewing your fixed routes. Our route mapping software can help you to add new deliveries or collections into your fixed routes easily. Sales territory optimisation is also available as part of the Maxoptra vehicle routing and scheduling software solution.

Link your route planning with vehicle tracking

tracking vehicle

Our versatile routing and scheduling system can easily link with your in-vehicle tracking units, giving you the benefit of planned versus actual performance monitoring and reporting. It easy to do and is all part of Maxoptra’s standard software offering so there are no hidden extra costs if you decide to go down this route.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) prediction


Would your customers like to know in advance when their collection, delivery or service call is taking place? Maxoptra route optimisation software calculates ETAs based on a variety of factors. It also provides real time visibility of what’s actually happening out on the road. Customer notifications can be sent out automatically via text or email.

Multi-drop overview

Maxoptra is a cloud-based delivery route optimisation software solution that is delivered to users in a quick and easy way, so that implementation is swift….and so is the return on investment. It’s easy to use and configure, with no huge upfront installation or ongoing supports costs, which means that benefits are realised quickly.

Reliable routing and scheduling software is fast becoming an essential part of any transport manager’s tool kit. Being able to carry out effective route optimisation in a fast, accurate and cost effective way is a necessity for any distribution operator, or service management fleet owner, looking to keep control of rising costs. Maxoptra routing planning software helps to improve fleet efficiency, manage costs, and improve customer service levels, while also reducing planning time and cutting down on excess mileage.

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