MaxOptra & Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Get even more out of your MaxOptra system by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365

MaxOptra and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Efficiently managing logistics operations is a critical aspect of many businesses, including those in furniture, food and drink, construction and building, to name just a few. To enhance productivity, it’s essential for businesses to streamline processes and optimise their routes for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, can be integrated with MaxOptra software to achieve these goals.

Benefits of our integration

  • Enhanced customer experience through providing more accurate arrival times and updates to customers
  • Increased efficiency through optimised routes alongside reduced costs and travel time
  • Real-time data access empowers businesses to deliver a personalised and efficient service.
  • Cost reduction as a result of reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Improved workforce productivity thanks to a reduction in unnecessary planning and travel time
  • Seamless data automation and improved accuracy

Steps to integration success

  • Assessment of the specific needs of your business
  • Data mapping of fields to be shared between the systems
  • Development of integration using tools, APIs, or middleware
  • Testing the integration to ensure it works seamlessly
  • Training and adoption of your workforce on how to use the integrated system effectively
  • Deployment of the integrated system to your logistics operations
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the integration for any issues or support requirements

Since implementing MaxOptra, we have been further impressed. Not only does it do what we were promised it would – and more – but the support has been exemplary; approachable, knowledgeable and timely!

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