Meet your Account Management Team

Meet your Account Management Team

As Maxoptra continues to grow, we have decided to accelerate our Account Management strategy to ensure you, our valued customer, are using the system as effectively as possible, saving as much money as possible, and are as happy as possible!

The Account Management Team will work alongside our existing Implementation and Support teams to ensure every stage of your Maxoptra experience is a positive one.

Read on to meet the Account Management Team and also to learn about some new aspects of our Account Management strategy.


“Working in sales for the last 10 years I’ve always been focused on ‘pre-sales’ and introducing products to new clients. More recently we’ve been motivated to support all sides of the business; as the saying goes “it’s more cost effective to retain a customer than to find a new one!”. In this anchored approach it’s vital that we use all resources to understand our customers and their journey to improve interaction with our platform; with the aim to increase productivity, reduce costs and bring some smiles along the way.”


“Having worked both agency-side and in-house, one of the favourite aspects of my career has been working closely with clients to help them get the most out of the system they are using. I currently work in Marketing and am keen to help create content and resources to help our customer base as effectively as possible. I look forward to talking to our customers about where we can support them the most.”


Your Dedicated Account Manager

As well as our current Implementations and Support teams, we want to further support you by providing you with a dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will act as a central contact for you to xxx.

Please note, real-time system issues and support will still need to be escalated through our formal channels, via

Health checks

As part of the Account Management process, we will be conducting ‘health checks’ to ensure we are familiar with your account, activity and the functionality you use the most. This will enable us to support you as effectively as possible.

Training and support videos

To ensure that you are can access training and support whenever you need it, we are launching our new On-Demand Video Series. These will be short, focused videos that showcase how you can use our favourite Maxoptra features and functionality.

You can view the first two videos in the series here and here.

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