Meet the MaxOptra team – Tim McCarthy

Meet the MaxOptra team – Tim McCarthy

At Maxoptra, we talk a lot about our industry-leading technology. And, who can blame us?

However, another reason our customers love us so much is because of our team. In fact, in recent customer surveys our teams have scored on average 9.5/10 throughout Sales, Implementation, and Support.

To celebrate the people behind MaxOptra, we will be running a series of team profiles. So you can get to know us a little better.

Today we will be speaking to the first point of contact for many customers, Head of Sales, Tim McCarthy.

Tim McCarthy

What is your name and what do you do at MaxOptra?

My name is Tim McCarthy and I’m the Head of Sales at MaxOptra.

How long have you worked at MaxOptra?

I joined the business in June 2016, so nearly 6 years!

What was your previous experience prior to MaxOptra?

Before MaxOptra I was working for a SaaS software solution called FieldAware. FieldAware specialised in operative based applications to digitalise form completion in the field for operatives and engineers.

What do you love about working at MaxOptra?

What I love about MaxOptra, other than the fast-paced emerging market of SaaS and mobile solutions, is selling an application that truly makes a difference.

Certainly, over the last 3 years businesses have had it particularly tough, and an ‘off the shelf’ product like MaxOptra can be deployed in weeks and can give significant cost savings and improved efficiency in return.

I find it very satisfying offering that solution.

What is your favourite MaxOptra feature or functionality?

For me, it’s the Driver application – it’s so easy to use and means that paper isn’t flying all around the driver’s cab.

What are the biggest opportunities MaxOptra face?

I see the biggest opportunity is to extend our solution globally. Although we have international resellers and partner channels we’ve never pushed MaxOptra particularly hard into new territories. And as it’s cloud-based, we can work anywhere in the world, which is exciting.

What are the biggest challenges MaxOptra face?

Keeping up with the tech, as we span across so many different industries and we’re heavily invested in SaaS and mobile applications, we need to be leading the way with new innovations in a market that’s growing rapidly.

For example, recently we’ve had to overhaul how we look at the types of vehicles we’re planning, not just trucks and vans, but now with push-bikes, e-bikes, electric cars and one day, drones.

What does the future look like for MaxOptra?

As businesses are getting smarter and more companies are focusing on reducing Co2 and their impact on the planet, I hope the UK government pass a law that all businesses need to be paperless on UK roads.

This way every delivery network will need an app like MaxOptra and we as consumers will receive a far better level of service. Win/win.

Finally, when you’re not working at MaxOptra, what do you enjoy doing?

At the moment my favorite gadget is my electric skateboard. I’ve always been into ‘E’ products and have been building e-bikes for years, but the skateboard is like nothing else. It’s scarily fast and a great way to get around Brighton (the city where I live and work) in a green way!

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