MaxOptra joins forces with Swan Retail

MaxOptra joins forces with Swan Retail

Here at MaxOptra, we specialise in helping retail businesses to get the most out of their delivery operations. And as we boast over 650 customers worldwide, we like to think we are pretty good at what we do.

But we’re well aware that delivery is only one part of the retail process. And that for all stages of the buying journey to be seamless for the customer the MaxOptra platform must work alongside other systems, sharing data and complementing functionality.

That is why we have joined forces with Swan Retail

Who are Swan Retail?

The Swan Retail Group offers comprehensive solutions covering EPOS, stock management, accounts, customer ordering, warehousing, CRM, eCommerce and customer loyalty. Put simply, their intelligent software is designed to make retailing easier.

They specialise in furniture and homeware stores, garden centres, sports stadiums and department stores, but their applications can be fitted to any retail operation.

Swan prioritise seamless integration, the ability to influence customer behaviour, and making day-to-day retailing more efficient.

How can MaxOptra and Swan Retail benefit your business?

For retail and furniture businesses striving to improve their delivery service, save fuel and admin time, and offer the best possible experience to their customers, MaxOptra combined with Swan Retail can help.

We have partnered with Swan Retail to offer the benefits of their comprehensive solutions whilst seamlessly integrating with MaxOptra. Hooking into retailers’ daily usage of their systems.

Here are just some of the benefits MaxOptra and Swan Retail can bring:

  • Remove any manual or paper-based planning 
  • Give your warehouse team visibility of load schedules 
  • Send all the routes to drivers via mobile driver apps
  • Notify your customers in real-time of delivery status updates 
  • Photograph items delivered or installed to document the delivery 
  • Automate the POD to customers as the driver completes the job 
  • Capture customer reviews and feedback instantly 
  • Updated SRS will deliver completion as it happens 

And here is a rundown of how the integration will work in just 4 steps:

  1. SRS will send a list of all deliveries to MaxOptra daily 
  2. MaxOptra will then sort these into optimised delivery routes 
  3. The delivery routes will be sent back to SRS 
  4. Deliveries can then be managed in real-time on MaxOptra’s driver application




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