Maxoptra Partners Breww for Complete Beer Supply Chain Delivery Solution

Maxoptra Partners Breww for Complete Beer Supply Chain Delivery Solution

Maxoptra, the delivery and customer experience management software company, is partnering with Breww to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution for breweries. From ingredient tracking to proof of delivery, beer duty calculations to cask collections, the partnership will help breweries realise savings and efficiency gains across their operations whilst improving customer service.

“Maxoptra and Breww have each contributed significant benefits to our business,” commented Dave Turner, Beer Ambassador at Pitchfork Ales, one of the early adopters of the integrated Maxoptra Breww solution. “I am therefore confident that the sum of the two solutions will be significantly greater than their individual parts.”

Maxoptra is a leading provider of cloud based delivery management, customer experience and route optimisation solutions specifically designed for SME fleet operators. Offering rich functionality, integration with existing workflows and incumbent software, cloud based Maxoptra is easy to use and available 24/7 from any internet enabled device.

With an already strong presence within the brewing sector, including West Country based Pitchfork Ales, part of the Epic Beers group, craft brewer Cotleigh and Dorset based Piddle Brewery, Maxoptra is keen to help other producers reduce mileage, improve delivery productivity and boost customer service levels.

“Using Maxoptra breweries are already seeing a real difference in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency,” commented Stuart Brunger, Business Development Director at Maxoptra.

“We have feedback reporting significant reductions in cost of delivery and better customer service with improved planning and communication including automatic ETA notifications. By partnering with Breww we can build on this success integrating these benefits further into the brewing production process.”

Breww, a supplier organisation to the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), helps organisations streamline operations and focus on the craft of brewing great beer. Also cloud based, Breww offers advanced features for ingredient traceability, recipe and stock management, sales and invoicing and even automated beer duty calculations.

Max Andrew, Chief Technology Operator (CTO) at Breww added, “Our solution allows brewers to focus on what they love to do and what they do best – creating great beer! We already automate a significant proportion of the back office administration, from ingredient ordering and stock levels to paying the tax man, and with the Maxoptra integration we can help our customers ensure their fantastic ales always reach the customer on-time and in peak condition.”

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