MaxOptra helps to supply water to homes and offices in the hottest European countries

MaxOptra helps to supply water to homes and offices in the hottest European countries

At MaxOptra we are proud to be supporting one of the largest water delivery companies in Europe, with over 100 vehicles and 30 distribution centres.

This business supplies refrigerators, water fountains, water filtration and spring water within Europe. They are strongly focused on customer experience and social responsibility, being involved in dozens of projects to support their customers and their community.

One of these initiatives was to improve customer experience as well as their own processes by streamlining their routing and scheduling.


How MaxOptra are helping

MaxOptra was chosen amongst multiple solutions to have been able to support the business with this initiative. And thanks to one of MaxOptra’s European partners, Optimize, the project was able to be managed and fully supported locally. 

Since then, MaxOptra has been part of everyday life for the business. 

With the use of MaxOptra’s sophisticated open API, the business’ data can speak in real time with MaxOptra. And once information is imported, thousands of orders are allocated and automatically planned to 30 distribution centres across Europe to create a fool-proof delivery plan.

The fleet of 100+ vehicles are then able to load in the most efficient way possible, and drivers then receive their manifests via their mobile devices. Automatically taking into consideration time restraints and delivery windows.

During the delivery process, the business use MaxOptra to track their drivers via GPS technology through mobile devices. As a result, the ETA calculated for each order is highly accurate. Enabling the business to send out delivery notifications to keep customers up to date at every step of the delivery. 

Once the delivery is made, track and trace analysis is available through MaxOptra, so the business can review driver and route performance.

Sanjay Gandhi, MaxOptra MD comments:

“At MaxOptra we are experienced in supporting international businesses in a wide variety of industries. As well as offering innovative route optimisation and best-in-class support, we also specialise in improving our users’ customer experience offering.

This business came to us for support with their end-to-end delivery operation, with a focus on customer service. So the project was clearly a great fit for us.

We are delighted that this established business is experiencing so many benefits thanks to MaxOptra, and that our system is now firmly part of their day-to-day operations”


The future

With the help of MaxOptra, the business has been able to streamline their processes and offer excellent customer service. Helping them to become one of the biggest water delivery companies in Europe.

By using the MaxOptra system, the business will be able to scale as and when required. With the reassurance that they can rely on their routing and scheduling processes.

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