Maxoptra Helps Keep Ten Mile Menu Food Deliveries Lean and Green

Maxoptra Helps Keep Ten Mile Menu Food Deliveries Lean and Green

London, 12 July 2017 – Online ethical food retailer, Ten Mile Menu, is using Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling software to help keep its delivery operations ‘lean and green’. Having recently implemented the cloud-based multi-drop planning solution, the award winning supplier of organic fruit and veg, traditional local meat and artisan produce is already realising a return on investment. Quick to set up and easy to use, Maxoptra has condensed the time taken to route and schedule weekly deliveries and reduced delivery times.

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The business has grown substantially since we started in 2013 – 50 percent growth in the last year alone – and we have increased our delivery catchment area as well,” commented Steve Sidhu, founder of Buckinghamshire-based Ten Mile Menu. “This meant that earlier this year we hit a critical point. We either needed additional resource or we stopped expanding. Realising our delivery operation was the bottleneck, we investigated possible solutions.

Following a thorough market investigation, Ten Mile Menu selected Maxoptra. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution easily integrates with the online retailer’s back office system, with orders placed before the Tuesday midnight deadline automatically exported from the CRM into Maxoptra with just one click. Maxoptra then distinguishes orders based on predefined territories and produces the daily delivery schedules. Customer notification emails are automatically produced and sent, informing recipients of their allocated one hour delivery slot, and Maxoptra also seamlessly communicates with Ten Mile Menu’s in-cab tablets for navigation and monitoring of planned versus actual.

We needed a solution that was easy to use and cost effective, and Maxoptra delivered on both counts,” continued Sidhu. “Since implementing Maxoptra, the time taken to plan weekly deliveries has been reduced by 75 percent, and the time taken to complete the delivery schedule has been slashed by up to an hour and half a day. Interestingly, on our rural routes, the changes made by Maxoptra were relatively simple, but they have had a big impact on efficiency and idling times and, without Maxoptra, the planning of city centre routes would simply be impossible.

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As we continue to expand, I am confident that Maxoptra will come into its own as a management tool,” concluded Sidhu. “From any connected device, anywhere in the world, I will be able to keep an eye on deliveries, making sure drivers stick to their schedules and exhibit appropriate driving behaviour.


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