MaxOptra continues to support global automotive sector with local partners

MaxOptra continues to support global automotive sector with local partners

At MaxOpra we are excited to announce a new partnership with Amatec, a partner based in South Africa who we are working with to help support the automotive sector, globally.

Amatec strives to bring quality yet affordable products to the security industry, both nationally and internationally.

They also offer technology support in South Africa, from hardware installation through to software integration and web portal development.


Amatec’s customer

Amatec came to MaxOptra for support with an international automotive brand that offers deliveries of tyres in South Africa. Their HQ is based in Johannesburg, and they have over 20 year’s experience in servicing the tyre manufacturing industry.

This customer controls 75% of tyre imports to South Africa, with 25 brands from 31 different countries, including Yokohama and Michelin. In total they handle more than 11 million units and 50 million mass.

They are adept at developing and running advanced, sophisticated warehouse management systems and applications. Enabling efficient deliveries and distribution with a cost service advantage.


How MaxOptra are helping

Amatec’s customer is continuously looking to identify solutions that help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. MaxOptra’s international reach, efficiency, and affordability enabled this. Alongside their world-leading technology and route optimisation solution.

Sanjay Gandhi, MaxOptra MD comments:

“MaxOptra is experienced in supporting international businesses in the automotive sector and beyond. Amatec came to us for support with their customer, and the project seemed like a perfect fit for both our experience and advanced technology.

We are proud to have helped Amatec and their international customer. And are delighted to add yet another global brand to our user base.”

MaxOptra is supporting the end-to-end delivery process with the use of their broad features and functionality. This includes order registration, API, daily planning and optimisation, electronic driving manifests on driver mobile devices, GPI tracking, ETA calculator, and on-time analysis.

The business has also been able to achieve improved excellence in their processes through route optimisation, delivery control, customer communication, and satisfaction analysis.

Overall, MaxOptra has enabled this business to significantly improve their offering and keep their customers happy. Ensuring the business can efficiently deliver bigger tyre brands to both local garages and international retail stores.

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