Maxoptra Announces Product Updates this Winter

Maxoptra Announces Product Updates this Winter

Maxoptra Field Service Management Software is pleased to announce two minor yet very important product updates this winter.

  1. Customer location update upon arrival: Drivers can now verify the addresses in your database. When a driver arrives at a customer’s premises, he just taps the “Arrived” button and the system confirms or updates the address. A dispatcher sees changes immediately. If a driver taps the “Arrived” button at a different address, the mobile app will notify him that the location is not stored in Maxoptra’s database and will suggest updating the location according to his current position. Tapping the “Yes” button will verify the location; the “No” button will leave the address unchanged.
  2. Same site jobs auto-planning: Maxoptra assigns engineers to jobs according to time windows, priorities, required skills and so on. It can now also assign jobs within the same area to one engineer.

For example, there are two jobs in area A – one urgent and one not, and one urgent job in area B. As one engineer is unable to do all three jobs, the system allocates the two jobs from area A to one engineer and the job from area B to another engineer.

Are you interested in new features? Contact us and we will show you how Maxoptra can help your business.

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