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Plan effective logistics routes

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The schedule produced by Maxoptra routing software will focus on decreasing logistics costs. It doesn’t matter how many deliveries or collections each area has, the smart system distributes all orders across the fleet efficiently. Routes are automatically sequenced to match customer’s time windows which helps to ensure deliveries are always on time. Once vehicles are out on the road the system continuously updates the delivery schedule, adjusting sequences to take into account any on-the-day changes, while keeping vehicle weight limits legal and customer service promises accurate.

React to changes as they happen


Maxoptra’s intelligent transport logistics software quickly locates your customers using our advanced mapping tools. This effective customer location technology delivers huge benefits when dealing with real life, on the day changes, that may impact upon your logistics operation. Any emergency orders, or unforeseen route changes, can be handled quickly and efficiently by your transport teams, helping you to maintain efficiency in real time. This makes Maxoptra a truly dynamic logistics planning software solution.

Track vehicles in real time

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Tracking your vehicle fleet in real time gives logistics operators the chance to compare planned versus actual fleet performance both while vehicles are out on the road and at the end of each day. Maxoptra truck route software highlights discrepancies, and in the majority of cases they can be dealt with while trucks are still out on route – with customers notified and subsequent calls re-sequenced. At the end of each day logistics management teams can review what really happened that day; discuss any discrepancies; refine plans accordingly; and produce more realistic route schedules as a result.

Maxoptra is an advanced, yet easy to use, logistics software solution that is designed to deliver benefits to all fleet operators. The cloud-based delivery route optimisation solution offers logistics operators a wide range of features and functionality that have been proven to streamline operations and improve efficiency across a wide rage of industry types. Our logistics planning software offers a full suite of tools that include: our intuitive delivery route planner; drag and drop functionality for ease of use; a robust link to your vehicle tracking; real time dynamic logistics scheduling; and a range of reporting and performance analysis tools.

Maxoptra’s logistics optimisation software has been proven to cut costs, reduce dead mileage, improve efficiency and enhance the customer service experience across a wide range of operation types. Users can make decisions faster and drive efficiency savings further across their logistics operations. Cloud-based delivery, combined with flexible pricing and fast implementation makes Maxoptra the system of choice for many logistics leaders including Leekes, Arthur David, Champion Timber, Sofology and Natures Menu. Sign up for our 14 day free trial today to find out how your organisation could also be benefitting.

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