Samsara GPS tracking

How to set up Samsara GPS tracking with MaxOptra

At MaxOptra, part of our brand ethos is to provide customers with choice, which is why we integrate with all major CRMs and devices.

With this in mind, we integrate with Samsara, an advanced tracking solution that increases driver safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

When integrated, Samsara provides MaxOptra with in-vehicle telemetry data such as GPS, date, time, and speed (ECUspeedMPH) to provide real-time route tracking.

How to set up Samsara GPS tracking

Please follow the steps below for successful set up

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Get API token

Go to your Samsara portal and get your API token and API URL to provide to MaxOptra support team. You can find how to do so here:

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Update in MaxOptra

Once support have linked your Samsara account, update your vehicles in MaxOptra and enter the Samsara 'device name' in the 'Assigned device' field on MaxOptra

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Planning and tracking screen

Your vehicles will be seen on the planning and tracking screen when the device is enabled and location updates are sent

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Contact support

Please contact the Support team at for additional support