Maxoptra route Optimisation & planning users

Dynamic Scheduling for Construction Materials Industry

Champion Timber have chosen Maxoptra to overcome the scheduling and routing optimisation challenges they faced from using manual processes.

Anton Dmitriev, CEO of Magenta

“Maxoptra’s real time dynamic features means that distribution and service companies can very easily offer the levels of service that today’s customers expect. Maxoptra platform is meant for companies of all sizes and will help customers replace older systems with cost–effective mobile and real–time tracking technologies to manage their business objectives.”

London, April 2014 – Champion Timber have chosen Maxoptra – Magenta’s route planning leading scheduling and routing solution–to overcome the scheduling and routing optimisation challenges they faced from using manual processes. Maxoptra provided the company with a highly sophisticated, real time, dynamic scheduling and routing system, which, coupled with its ease of use and the web-based, monthly SaaS subscription, low implementation cost model makes it an ideal fit for small but growing companies like Champion Timber. Integrated with TomTom telematics, Maxoptra’s track and trace features enabled Champion Timber’s customer service function to spot delays and issues with deliveries and keep customers more regularly updated with information through text messages.

Before investing in Maxoptra, the company’s staff manually organised orders, scheduled and routed jobs according to postal codes. With more challenging levels of service being expected by customers, the company felt the need for a solution that would ease the pressure off their team.

Praising the benefits of Maxoptra, John Burgess, Transportation Consultant of Champion Timber said, “Magenta offered the right blend of affordability, ease of implementation and use. The user interface allows our controllers to easily input jobs, calculate routes and timelines and change them, if needed, on a visual map display. Seeing the real time ETA of our shipments helps our customer service staff improve service with valid addresses a lot quicker, allocating routes efficiently and updating our customers with changes in schedules. I believe that Maxoptra is the only solution in today’s market that is ideal for SME, but growing, companies.”

“Maxoptra gives Champion Timber a competitive edge. We’re moving towards narrower delivery time windows. The Maxoptra–TomTom combination gives us a formidable SatNav capability which gives us the confidence to quote a specific delivery time, instead of quoting the day of delivery. This solution is enabling us to satisfy our high customer expectations at an affordable price with no requirement for huge investment.”

Implementing this solution has provided Champion Timber with a scalable solution that will significantly help them support their business as it grows by enabling proactive customer service, improving driver communication, streamlining order planning and optimising scheduling – all leading to improved bottom line results.