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Our software solutions work best for fleets of 5+ vehicles. If you are a <5 fleet operator we’d still love to hear from you. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Dispatch Jobs To Your Mobile Personnel

Let Maxoptra route optimisation software build optimal routes for you taking all important constraints into consideration, such as time windows, vehicle capacities, drivers' working hours, engineer's required skills, etc. You only need to define your resources and jobs and hit the “plan” button!


Tracking, Navigation, Signature Capture And Barcode Scanning

Our Maxoptra planning screen was carefully designed in cooperation with real planners. It is intuitive, easy to use and gives you visual information about your schedule, jobs and resources.


Send And Get Real-Time Updates

Easily make manual adjustments via drag&drop or build routes from scratch. Maxoptra will give you hints, calculate driving durations, waiting times and optimise routes sequences as you go.

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Flowervision needed a tool that would help the company to grow its operations, particularly as it looked to expand into new and unfamiliar locations. Integration with TomTom was also required to increase efficiencies and reduce duplication of effort. Maxoptra became a solution that met these needs.

Mitch Teitsworth, IT and Technology Manager: "Customer service is our key business priority and Magenta worked with us to understand what we do. This resulted in Maxoptra, a solution that worked for our business and ensured continuous improvement in our levels of service. Maxoptra as an innovative dynamic scheduling system was able to provide a solution where legacy distribution planning systems had failed."