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Our software solutions work best for fleets of 5+ vehicles. If you are a <5 fleet operator we’d still love to hear from you. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Build your delivery route on the map

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To build optimised delivery routes you need to have clear visibility of which orders need to be delivered and to where. Using Maxoptra’s route mapping software, all deliveries are imported and clearly displayed on our interactive user map. You then have two options – run the automated route optimiser to create your delivery route plan, or manually drag and drop calls into grouped schedules. Maxoptra will automatically calculate route costs, mileage incurred, reduce waiting time and deliver an optimised delivery route plan.

Allocate the most cost effective resource

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Clear visibility of your orders on the map allows you to quickly and easily plan routes. Maxoptra’s best route optimization software will control the load of each vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have more deliveries or pick-ups, Maxoptra guarantees that a vehicle is not overloaded at the beginning of the day. The system automatically suggests best vehicles and builds optimised delivery routes, and can be particularly effective for those operators planning a last mile delivery operation.

Try our delivery route planning app

Technician’s mobile app

Mobile employees can constantly keep in touch with the transport office through the delivery route app. This gives real time visibility of the delivery or call status to the office-based transport team. Proof of delivery: The delivery route planner app also enables users to capture proof of delivery information once a delivery or job is completed, including signatures and photographs, using our delivery driver app. This information is automatically transmitted back to the transport office.

Monitor drivers with our delivery tracking software


Maxoptra’s delivery routing software gives users visibility of what has actually happened once vehicles or service engineers have left the depot. Any delays, missed calls, or route irregularities can be easily highlighted in real time and the subsequent impact of any issues can be dealt with – future customers can be notified of a change of time, routes can be re-planned etc. This has positive implications on the customer experience.

Maxoptra’s delivery route optimisation software gives transport planners the tools they need to maximise vehicle fleet and/or service engineer work force efficiency through optimised vehicle planning.

Efficient planning of daily delivery routes can have a significant impact on transport costs. Costs can be cut, mileage reduced and planning time minimised; add in the associated customer service benefits and the importance of effective intelligent delivery management is hard to ignore.

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