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Zebedees surpass their goals with integrated solution from MaxOptra, Geotab, and SureCam

About Zebedees

Zebedees is a leading nursery catering company who are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary! The business was founded by professional chefs Philip Oates and Steven Parsons, who identified a gap in the children’s nursery meals market. 

With a target audience of children’s nurseries, primarily for children aged 1-4 years, Zebedees delivers around 9,500 hot meals and 4,500 cold teas daily to 300-350 customers across Sussex, London, Surrey, Kent, Cambridge, and more, with a fleet of 26 vehicles.

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The challenge

Before adopting MaxOptra, Zebedees tackled manual route planning using Google Maps, a basic tracking solution, and a little guesswork. Leading to inefficiencies and hours of planning, particularly when new customers were brought on board, and changes needed to be made. 

The complexity of managing all the vans with specific loading orders and time-sensitive deliveries made the process difficult, particularly as Zebedees were dependent on individuals to plan these routes, which became even more challenging during busy times.

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The solution

Zebedees discovered MaxOptra whilst researching a variety of routing options, they loved how straightforward the system was to use, how knowledgeable the MaxOptra team were, and how the system seamlessly integrated with other industry-leading solutions.

Additionally, Zebedees had spent years trialling a variety of telematic companies, after sending through an extensive list of requirements from a new telematic system, they were contacted by industry leaders in the space, LEVL Telematics. who reassured Zebedees that everything on their list was perfectly possible.

Zebedees conducted an initial trial of Geotab, a leading commercial fleet telematics provider, through LEVL Telematics, and found the solution was ideal to use alongside MaxOptra. At this stage, Zebedees also explored SureCam, a leading GPS fleet tracking solution and dash cams, built for businesses.

With regards to their advanced tracking requirements, Zebedees noted how Geotab, provided by LEVL Telematics, was an ideal solution, and how they continue to offer the best possible service through their ongoing updates and support. Zebedees were also impressed by how Geotab supported Electric Vehicles, which is something they wish to consider in the future.

SureCam was a perfect addition to their set-up and came highly recommended by other trusted suppliers. Zebedees found the SureCam solutions to be easy to use and footage simple to download, and have been further impressed by how SureCam have continued to develop their offering to make it better than ever.

Geotab is one world’s leading telematics integrators, so its out-of-box connection with Surecam seamlessly enabled Zebedees to access telemetry and vehicle footage all within the one Geotab solution.

Image of Zebedees nursery meals on brighly coloured plates
The results

With MaxOptra working seamlessly alongside Geotab provided by LEVL Telematics, and SureCam, Zebedees have already reduced their fleet size by 3 vans. Saving associated running costs and considerable planning time. All whilst eliminating the challenge of single-person dependencies as the solution does the complex work for the team.

In addition, Zebedees have been able to take on more customers. The amount of nurseries they can allocate to a route is higher than they realised thanks to their new solution allowing them to deliver more in a smaller timeframe. Enabling Zebdees to become more productive and profitable overall.

And with regards to vehicle safety, both Geotab tracking and SureCam cameras have been essential to protect Zebedees and their drivers concerning potential accidents and insurance claims, offering further peace of mind.

“The level of service from MaxOptra, LEVL Telematics, Geotab, and SureCam has been amazing. Customer support is second to none, and the solutions work together perfectly.”

  • Adrian Oates, Logistics Manager at Zebedees
Image of fresh fruit and vegetables being held by a Zebedees team member
The future for Zebedees

As well as celebrating their 25th anniversary, Zebedees have some big plans for the future.

The business is almost at capacity with the number of orders they are now able to produce and deliver, so they have recently purchased another unit to increase their storage and kitchen space. 

Their current goal is to reach 50,000 meals per week consistently, which they are confident they will surpass by 2024. They believe with their new kitchen space and some excellent marketing campaigns, they can grow the business by 15/20% over the next two years.

In addition, Zebedees are exploring expansion into additional markets, from snack bars to supermarkets, and frozen meals to care homes. Watch this space!

“We have new equipment, new vans, a great routing and tracking system, and our cameras work excellently. We are in the perfect position and ready to work on our next steps in getting the Zebedees name out there and making our offering even stronger.” 

  • Adrian Oates, Logistics Manager at Zebedees
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