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The Cress Company maximise efficiency and eliminate dependencies thanks to MaxOptra

About The Cress Company

Based in Dunfermline, Fife, The Cress Company distributes ambient and chilled speciality, artisan foods across the UK using their own fleet of 40+ dual temperature (ambient/chilled) vehicles. They are proud to supply over 3,000 customers, including delis, cafés, farm shops, garden centres, butchers, fishmongers, bars and hotels.

The company started in 2004 with a small lock up and a second-hand van working with five or six Scottish fine food manufacturers who were looking for better distribution throughout Scotland. As the business, grew, they opened additional depots in Leighton Buzzard, Maltby, Telford and Bristol and now offer national distribution. 

The Cress Company are proud to work with hundreds of fine food manufacturers distributing thousands of different products. They are members of the Guild of Fine Foods and Farma and are keen to support both independent manufacturers and retailers. They pride themselves on looking after their customers and ensuring they listen and adapt to their needs.

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The challenge

Prior to MaxOptra, The Cress Company were using a couple of other routing and planning providers. However, there were multiple issues with the systems, and the required support to fix these was not easily offered. 

As a result, roughly 50% of the planning process had to be done manually. A considerable amount of time was spent manually planning and reworking routes, often requiring two people to spend 4 hours a day on the process. 

In addition, The Cress Company were often dealing with single-person dependencies due to the complexity of their current solutions. This posed particular challenges when these individuals were on annual leave, further complicating the process. 

The solution

The Cress Company found they were constantly on the lookout for better options, attending demos for different systems every couple of months. But they struggled to find the right solution for their needs.

After an introductory email from MaxOptra, The Cress Company were sceptical that MaxOptra could offer anything different. However, after a demonstration and a free trial period, The Cress Company were impressed. 

Any issues they had with previous systems were addressed, and any specific needs The Cress Company required could be accommodated with the MaxOptra system.

Image of The Cress Company employees in a warehouse, smiling at the camera.
The results

Of his own admission The Cress Company’s Managing Director, Joe Wall, is not easily impressed. However, when it comes to MaxOptra he is a huge fan.

“MaxOptra has been a game-changer for us. The system’s configurability, combined with excellent support from the MaxOptra team, has significantly improved our route planning and overall logistics efficiency. The cost savings and increased confidence in our operations are invaluable. We look forward to continuing our journey with MaxOptra as an essential partner in our growth.” 

– Joe Wall, Managing Director at The Cress Company

The Cress Company have quickly managed to get the very most out of the system thanks to MaxOptra’s excellent onboarding process and “phenomenal” support.

And because MaxOptra does the hard work for The Cress Company, they now boast 5 employees who are capable of managing the process when necessary. This has resulted in no more single-person dependencies and no disruptions due to holidays or sickness absences.

Joe is also delighted by his staff’s uptake of the system. At first, there were questions as to whether the system could route better than individuals’ knowledge. However, his team quickly saw that MaxOptra produced the best possible routes, and was incredibly user-friendly to boot, meaning his team have the utmost confidence in the solution.

The future for The Cress Company

With MaxOptra successfully implemented, The Cress Company is positioned for a future of increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company plans to leverage data-driven insights to continually optimise operations and stay ahead of industry trends. 

As they look ahead, Cress Company envisions using MaxOptra as a key tool for growth, exploring features like the Driver App for orders and returns, integrating tracking with Samsara, and transitioning to volume metric constraints for greater precision.

MaxOptra has not only reduced planning time but has also resulted in tangible cost savings, with the potential for further enhancements. The Cress Company remains committed to using MaxOptra as a foundational element in their logistics strategy, ensuring they continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

“Witnessing The Cress Company’s success through our route optimisation solution is inspiring. Their ability to reduce dependencies, improve delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction exemplifies the transformative impact of our solutions. We are proud to support forward-thinking companies like The Cress Company, driving efficiency and growth in the logistics industry.”

  • Sanjay Gandhi, MaxOptra Managing Director
Images of food that The Cress Company offer. Including cakes, drinks, biscuits, and savory products.
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