MaxOptra and SwiftUK

SwiftUK maintains £20million turnover with fewer vehicles thanks to MaxOptra

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“MaxOptra enabled us to maintain a £20million turnover with 5 fewer vehicles a day. As well as delivering more frequently to more areas.”
About SwiftUK

SwiftUK have been established for over 40 years, and play a key role in the supply of kitchen appliances to the trade throughout the UK. As one of the biggest distributors of electrical appliances and sinks in the country, SwiftUK have a reputation for reliability, service, and value that is difficult to match.

Over the years they have built relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Bosch, Indesit, Hotpoint, Hoover, Candy, Smeg and Franke.

Wooden SwiftUK kitchen with marble worktops
The challenge

SwiftUK were using an outdated, incumbent delivery process based on a postcode matrix delivery system. This would entail delivering to specific areas on set dates, with no flexibility available.

This process was proving to be inefficient, often with vehicles being sent out on deliveries almost empty, and then coming back early. There was a clear issue with the distribution of drops and hours. 

Their deliveries were reliant on drivers’ communicating any issues or delays. But if this process failed, SwiftUK would have no knowledge of goods that had failed to be delivered.

The solution

SwiftUK identified that there was a clear opportunity to save costs alongside improving their customer service proposition.

To begin with, the business started working with MaxOptra on replicating their postcode matrix to identify areas that could be improved. For instance, delivery to lead time, or if they could deliver more frequently at a lower cost. 

However, during this period Covid-19 struck, meaning that SwiftUK have to pivot their business model to cater for the businesses that were still able to open and trade.

At this point, they abandoned their postcode matrix and decided to start from scratch with MaxOptra with more dynamic processes.

Once their dynamic route optimisation was up and running, SwiftUK quickly began to reap the benefits. 

“MaxOptra enabled us to maintain a £20million turnover with 5 fewer vehicles a day. As well as delivering more frequently to more areas.”

SwiftUK was able to maintain their turnover, as well as save costs on fuel and resource. Overall producing a more efficient fleet. 

One significant benefit that SwiftUK are particularly proud of is their improved customer service thanks to MaxOptra.

They were able to offer a more frequent delivery service, going out to more of their customers, particularly those who were further away 

The business can also now communicate via email and SMS about when a delivery will happen, and if there are any delays. As well as being able to offer 2-hour delivery windows and increased flexibility.

The future for SwiftUK

SwiftUK are gradually building up their home delivery customer base alongside their regular customers, something that they can now service thanks to MaxOptra.

As well as the benefits MaxOptra has brought, SwiftUK are now confident that the business is future-proofed. They are now able to be flexible and reactive with their delivery offering. And plan to be able to offer different levels of delivery service to different customer types in the near future. 

Modern SwiftUK kitchen with white worktop and gold taps

“MaxOptra enabled us to maintain a £20million turnover with 5 fewer vehicles a day. As well as delivering more frequently to more areas.”

MaxOptra and SwiftUK
Richard Buckley
Operations Director
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