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Nivek Catering Supplies Ltd reduces planning time by 75% and eliminates single-person dependencies with MaxOptra

About Nivek Catering Supplies Ltd

Nivek Catering Supplies Ltd provides a comprehensive range of products including tableware, beverage to-go, food packaging, janitorial supplies, washroom necessities, and equipment. 

Established in 1990, Nivek has built a reputation for extensive industry experience and knowledge, continually implementing the latest innovations to benefit their customers. 

They prioritise environmentally conscious products, offering multiple delivery options, excellent product quality, and top-tier customer service. 

Their dedication to service is highlighted by assigning a Key Account Manager and Customer Service Representative to each customer, contributing to their award-winning status.

Nivek primarily serves the education sector, including schools, colleges, and universities, as well as golf clubs, hotels, restaurants, leisure venues, and coastal adventure spots. 

With 550 live accounts and around 1,000 delivery points, they operate a fleet of 10 vans, with 2 more on standby and an additional 2 expected soon. 

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The challenge

Nivek faced significant operational challenges, particularly in route planning and delivery management. 

The process of manually planning routes was labour-intensive, taking their Operations Manager up to 2 hours daily. This task became even more burdensome when the manager was unavailable, requiring others to quickly learn and manage the complex routing process. 

Overloaded vans due to mismatched box counts and weights further complicated these deliveries. 

The traditional approach was becoming increasingly unsustainable, especially with the volume of paper dispatch notes and timing constraints for specific deliveries, such as school schedules.

The solution

After exploring various options, Nivek was recommended MaxOptra through their Sage partner, Pinnacle, and chose the route optimisation solution for its user-friendly interface and robust features, which met their need for consistent and reliable route planning for repeat business. 

Although transitioning to a new system was daunting, MaxOptra’s excellent customer service and hands-on support were pivotal and made the process much smoother and stress-free.

The integration with their existing Sage system, facilitated by Pinnacle, and the ability to tweak the system, ensured a smooth transition. 

And Nivek further benefitted from Maxoptra’s Health Check process which allowed them to become even more familiar with the system and make necessary adjustments, further enhancing their operational efficiency.

Nivek reported that the Health Check project management process was very transparent, meaning they were aware of what was happening at every stage, and what each person involved needed to do.

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The results

Implementing MaxOptra brought numerous benefits for Nivek:

Improved Efficiency

Thanks to MaxOptra, Nivek’s planning time has been reduced to 30-45 minutes from the previous 2 hours daily.

Enhanced Traceability

Real-time data allows for better tracking of deliveries; improving customer service by providing precise delivery times, and reducing the need for customer service calls.

Streamlined Operations

The new dispatch note system implemented by MaxOptra has reduced paper usage and saved an hour daily in sorting and refiling dispatch notes.

Accurate Delivery Management

Pinning drops has helped new drivers, generated more accurate staff driving hours, and improved overall route planning accuracy.

Customer Satisfaction

The ability to provide real-time updates and efficient delivery scheduling positively impacted customer relationships, something which is of utmost importance to Nivek.

The future for Nivek

Looking ahead, Nivek are excited to consolidate their operations by moving to a single, larger premise by the end of 2024, which will enhance stock management with potential barcoding through MaxOptra by 2025. 

Nivek have recently implemented MaxOptra vehicle checks to ensure they are meeting recommended safety standards, as well as keeping on top of the maintenance of their vehicles

They are also considering expanding their use of MaxOptra features, such as implementing email notifications for deliveries to further improve customer service.

With the successful integration of MaxOptra and the positive experience from their MaxOptra Health Check, Nivek feels confident in their ability to handle future challenges and continue improving their operations. 

The new adaptability of their drivers alongside MaxOptra’s ongoing evolution and improvements position Nivek for continued success and growth. 

Watch this space!

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