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Dynamic Medical reduce planning time by 66% thanks to MaxOptra

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"We couldn't have scaled what we were doing as our processes weren't stable enough and were prone to error. MaxOptra is now acting as a springboard for the future growth and success of the business, and we're really excited to see what we can now achieve."
The history of Dynamic Medical

Dynamic Medical have been providing the medical industry with expert service for over 20 years. In those two decades they have grown to become the leading name in medical logistics, working with the biggest names in the industry along the way.

Dynamic are proud to support the healthcare industry in the professional transportation of medical products and equipment. Excellent success rates and efficiency in their delivery and collection services allow for thousands of scheduled and emergency operations to go ahead each year with the much-needed equipment.

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Dynamic Medical were using another transport management system, however this wasn’t working well for their business. The processes meant that despite using a system, route planning was still a 2 person job taking roughly 6 hours per day, and often running into the evening.

This was stressful for the route planners, and also drivers who wouldn’t know their route until the evening before, giving them little time to prepare.

The solution also had no ePOD system, meaning that it was producing more paperwork which took additional time, up to an hour a day, to scan PODs. This meant that important delivery information wasn’t available until 12-24 hours later than required.

Additionally, there was no live tracking functionality, which left Dynamic Medical at a competitive disadvantage compared to others in the industry.

Introducing MaxOptra

Dynamic Medical approached a local IT company to help identify a better way of managing routes and logistical processes.

The IT company did an audit of relevant systems that could help improve automation, and save time and money.

After speaking to several suppliers, MaxOptra was the stand out solution due to their cloud-based capabilities and their forward looking strategy; always updating and improving the system.


Dynamic Medical’s experience with MaxOptra was immediately positive. Their implementation and account manager was always available, fast to respond, and proactive in checking in regularly.

Dynamic Medical immediately appreciated the flexibility of MaxOptra – instead of it being a bespoke system for specific requirements, all functionality is available for all customers, so no bespoke changes or additions have to be requested.

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The results

Dynamic Medical are now at the point where all drivers are using smartphones and are fully tracked, which was a significant business objective for 2020 – for the first time Dynamic Medical can see where their drivers are in real-time.

Thanks to MaxOptra they are nearly at the point of completely dispensing with paperwork, which is simply being held back by an invoicing system they will soon be changing.

Most importantly, they are now down from 6 hours a night route planning to just 2 – a 66% reduction in planning time.

This means that Dynamic Medical are getting routes to their drivers earlier. And staff are far less overworked.

Sanjay Gandhi, MaxOptra MD, noted:
“We are delighted to be supporting Dynamic Medical and the healthcare industry. And are pleased to see that our industry-leading functionality is supporting businesses in such an essential sector to manage their workloads and deliveries, and increase efficiencies.”

The future for Dynamic Medical

Dynamic Medical is looking forward to utilising MaxOptra’s email communication functionality. And for the first time ever be able to send electronic receipts to their customers.

These will also include links to customer feedback surveys, so they can collect driver feedback and aid performance management.

Additionally, MaxOptra’s open API gives Dynamic Medical the ability to improve their system integrations, slotting systems in as and when needed in the future.

Dynamic Medical sees the route planning and ePOD functionality as fundamental to their future growth.

Andrew is also impressed with how he has been involved in feedback and product testing of MaxOptra. Finding it reassuring to know that customers are being asked directly what they would like out of the system, and actually seeing these suggestions being implemented.


"We couldn't have scaled what we were doing as our processes weren't stable enough and were prone to error. MaxOptra is now acting as a springboard for the future growth and success of the business, and we're really excited to see what we can now achieve."

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